Is "Harrington on Cash Games" pre-flop play OK?

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      Hello everyone,

      I've been reading "Harrington on Cash Games" lately.
      I find it very interesting that Harrington teaches to play poker differently (pre-flop), as I'm used to.
      Basically I try to play as pokerstrategy teaches me.
      (Open-raise when first in @NL6max)

      Here is an example from this book:

      [..]Here you might decide to raise 70 percent of the time with ace-king (limping the other 30)
      and just 50 percent of the time with ace-queen (limping the other 50 percent)[..]

      And so on (also other hands): Limp - %, raise - %.
      I think that post-flop play is explained good, just that open-limping % and open-raising % confuses me.
      I know, he is mixing up his game differently, but I'm used to open-raise 100% .

      So, my main questions to coaches, players, poker-strategists are:
      1) Does this still work? (I think it really sucks for me as a NL 6max player; limping = dead money.
      Also coaches on videos open-raises most of the time.)
      2) Is someone from you playing exactly Harrington's way? Does it work?
      3) Do you suggest to play Harrington's way or poker-strategy's way? Why exactly?
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