9 Table NL10 5K Hands Per Day Pokerstars

    • JFN17
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      I am gonna make the transition from sit and gos to cash games. I feel real complete poker is played in cash games as your play and ideas are limited in sit n go's turbos especially.
      I played 2.8k sit and go's on pokerstars and the ipoker network with the average buyin being $8 and aveage profit per game being $1.36. My stats and profits are pretty good but i feel bored to play sit n gos now and im not as motivated as i used to be but i feel really excited and motivated to get deep into cash games and to learn and understand the strategies fully.
      If i 9 tabled NL10 on pokerstars and played 5,000 hands per day how much would i earn per day in rakeback? Also what do u think is good PTBB/100 at this level?

      Thanks alot for any replies
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    • Anssi
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      Try to play 100 hands or something, then x50.
    • Heffron89
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      I would say play less table, improve ur game and move up sooner
    • CMB
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      Some people make 10BB on 100k hands, but then again, why not moving up earlier?
      At 2BB you haven't beaten the limit, play solid, make 3-8BB and move up when BR is right. Essentially that means with your first big upswing and a few ten thousands hands you can move up.

    • gavinonymous
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      nine tabling for rakeback only might not be as profitable as 2-3 tabling and completely owning your opponents.

      for me, it's about 3-8BB/100 nine tabling, and more like 20-50 BB/100!!! playing 2-3 tables. You give up a lot by playing ABC, and there are plenty of player like me taking advantage of the multitablers, who are so predictable. I know, it happened to me :)
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      This should put things in perspective. I used to 9 or 12 table at my limit and i was winning 5bb/100. I now 4 or 6 table (Depending on number of good tables) and am winning at 12bb/100. My hourly rate is higher than when i played more tables. You learn alot more and develope more when you can actually pay attention to hands more (even if your not in the pot) =)
    • JFN17
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      Thanks guys for your replies.
      Well the last few months i have been 24 tabling 9 max sit and gos using TableNinja so i feel very comfortable to play 9 tables. Anyways since the original post i have decided what im gonna do.
      I have already played 16,ooo+ hands at NL10 playing 20 Tables SSS :) It has been working a treat. I will move up to NL25 after 50k Hands and then up to NL50 after another 50k hands.
      I know people will say u wont learn anything playing so many tables but i do not see how that is true. Playing 1200 hands per hour/ 10,000 hands per day forces you to learn at an incredible speed of course. At the end of the day i have a lot of hands and spots to analyze and i feel this is where i learn the most. Reviewing my sessions in Holdem Manager and applying that in the next session.
      BTW i made 150+ vpps per hour SSS nl10 20+ Tabling. Ive also made 2.6 BB/100 in the 16k+ hands thus far.
      Thanks again for trying to help mayb ill keep u posted on my efforts?
    • heelia
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      I was never making more than 70-80VPPs per hour 24tabling NL10 SSS, are you sure, they changed smth? ;)
    • Flipzors
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      how do you get rakeback on pokerstars? (- edit, figured it out myself by buying money with FPP's)

      When you buy money with FPP's, do you get the money directly, or is released like normal bonuses - $10 per 170 VPP's?