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      Hi all,

      I joined pokerstrat in dec 2006 and builded my roll thx to the shortstack strategy

      when i was rolled for 25nl i first played full ring but switched pretty quick to 6max. my br went up but not as fast as i would like (a 300$ partycasino trip and some other small tilts can be the reason... :P ). The last 3-4 months i just grinded 25nl and some 50nl shots. I've got some good results
      and did my first cashout this july(1150$) and cashed again a few days ago(1000$).

      I always left enough in my account to play at 25nl 6max. My goal is to play 50nl and maybe some hands at 100nl by the end of this year. I already played 50nl sessions but always had some bad luck or i wasn't playing my best.. that way i got a little uncomfortable with playing this limit. So i always returned to the good old 25nl after a bad session at 50nl.

      Sometimes i play some mtt's, not with very big succes; i think i was breakeven or a little -$ untill today when i played the 11$ 4kgtd at partypoker and finishd 2nd and cashed 650$ (we made a deal with 3players left). Maybe it has something to do with the coaching vids i watched from Morgoth in the platinum section ;)


      I'm going to grind to 1500$ now and hope i play/run good when i start again with 50nl

      That's my online poker career in a few words.

      hf&gl at the tables

      update 23/11/07

      Left partypoker in september and moved to titan. Grinded 10nl/20nl/50nl and some shots at 100nl and i finally have a pretty good roll to play fulltime 50nl/100nl.

      I will still play 20nl/50nl to work on my HU game which is pretty poor atm i think. Some articles about HU low stakes would be nice or more HU coaching vids.

      Reached diamond status which is pretty cool; I enjoyed watching the 'highstakes' coaching vids and i'm trying to follow more coaching sessions.

      My goals for the next months are:

      -stop playing PLO
      -improve my HU game
      -play 50k hands at 100nl

      time for a little update :O

      i'm not playing anymore on titan or another ps partner so my status is gold now and will keep droppin (booh! give my diamond status back plz :) )

      moved my funds to xxx and i'm playing 100nl fulltime SH and HU now.
      I'm hoping to reach 200nl at the end of febr or whenever i have 30buyins for the level. I think taking shots with my 20bi roll now wouldn't be a great idea.

      My hu game improved a little but i'm still not aggr enough and i stopped playing plo!

      oh and i bought a samsung 22inch screen
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