I just fixed a series of malware problems - my first symptoms were that Flash would not play audio. A system file had been corrupted. I replaced it and got my audio back.. but then.

I noticed recently that I could not launch the follwing on WinXP:

SNG wizard, ICM trainer, or Equilator.

Only programs I had downloaded through pokerstrategy.com seemed to be affected.

The symptom was that the progam .exe wouldn't launch. Taskmanager would show only 1MB RAM taken up, stop there, and use up 99% of CPU.

I tried reinstalling, but it was the same.

There is another thread on here talking about a similar thing, and a mention of malware, so I installed malwarebytes antimalware.

A scan showed some trojans and a process killer (most likely the culprit) after cleaning the malware, everything launches fine.

Malware/trojans seemed to be in poker software.. some poker software were recognized as trojans.

Titan Poker .exe
Everest Poker .exe
also Teamplayer

What I'm wondering now is why and what kind of trojan/malware is designed to only affect pokerstrategy programs and what does it do?

Is it possible for an enterprising group of hackers (maybe russian ;) ) to plant trojans with honey traps, and open a connection to see your screen when you play?

It might be a stretch of the imagination, but I can fathom hackers waiting for trojan infected players to join tables, and then summarily destroy them.

What do you think?