hello from Yorkshire

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      hey everyone,

      My names Carl im 20 years old and from a small town near Hull if anyone knows it :D

      Been playing poker for about 4/5 years now and i've fallen in love with it. Until now i was probably one of those Fish Swimming (or floating upside down) in the big poker ocean who you would all loved to have played against but hopefuly thanks to these great looking articles thats all gonna change.

      thats all i think look forward to meeting everyone and playing with some of you.

      Good luck everyone.

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      Hi Carl & welcome to the community,

      We've already spoken in the forums, but thanks for putting up an intro, it's always good to let fellow members know a little bit about yourself.

      As you've probably already seen, this great site has so much to offer it's members ranging from strategy material, videos and news items to free live coaching sessions, sample hand help and various promotions, community events etc.

      Take your time to browse around, once Bronze status (as soon as you start to play poker on your linked account), lots more will be unlocked and available to you.

      Good to see you join our friendly and helpful community, good luck and enjoy your poker.

      Best regards,

      (South coast - Hampshire)