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    • AninIII
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      Hi all,

      I have a general question about bet sizing and your experiences.

      - Do you use the buttons (1/2 pot, 3/4 pot, pot) on party poker?
      - Do you use 'even' numbers like 5,00$ or 5,50$ or 'weird' ones like 5,37$ or 5,62$?
      - What size do you bet when you want to control villain's actions?
      Meaning: Do you bet 9,99$ when you want to make villain call and 10,75$ when you want to make him fold or vice versa?
      - Or do you even think that bet sizing doesn't have such an impact?

      I'm curious to hear your opinions.

      Best regards,
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    • Bierbaer
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      Dunno I don't really do that too much because it consumes too much time to type in the cent-amounts.
      However I sometimes bet $9.50 instead of $10.50 because I think it lets opponents lean a little more to calling (and conversely $10.50 instead of $9.50 when I'm bluffing).

      Most stores do the same think with their prices and it has been done for ages so I guess there's a reason for it :P .

      Btw I'm only doing this if the amount only differs a bit, so (for example) I'd never bet $9.50 instead of let's say $15.
      The luring betsize still only increases the call% a little bit, so don't give up too much value.

      Btw I never use these default-bet-buttons, but there's no particular reason for that other than I just find it easier to type in the betsizing that I have in mind than calculating how big the bet is compared to the pot and which button approximates it the best.
    • thazar
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      I normally uses the bnuttons or type the bets that I have in mind corresponding to about 2/3 or 1/2 or pot size anyway. however I have read somewhere that regular player are used to standard bet size and using weird number can some time confuse them. I have never used it or even never really given much thought to it myself.

      To further on this point that will probably be denied and thought as ridiculous by a lot of people; I read somewhere in one of TLN's blogs (I think it was his $50000 in a month challenge one), an example of a hand where on the turn the villain was nearly all in but had only 2 or 3BB left on his stack and the pot was huge. on the river the villain made a minimum raise and TLN who I think is a fantastic player thought for a while about folding because the amount bet was strange. He finally called because the pot odds were ridiculous but it does go toward the previous point