Bankroll Problem!

    • loui333
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      Hello all!!

      I have tryed all diffrent formats of poker (SNG , CG, MTTs) and i've come up with that i like MTTs the most!

      Atm im playing at stars with a roll of $70. But what stake should i be playing at with my roll?

      I've been thinking about the 2/180 turbo's and if i get down to $50 i will go down to the 1/45
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    • noclaninator
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      2/180 you have too short of a bankroll for this probably. I'd wait until you have at least $100 before playing 2/180s and stick to 1.10
    • antonin87
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      +1...turbos has a big varience..i recommend at least!!! 50 BI
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hello Loui333!

      I recommend you to play all MTTs with 100BI bankroll management as the variance is quite big. If you have some advanced poker knowledge you could potentially use a 50-75BI BRM at micro limit 18/27 man SNGs, but at 45 and more person tournaments the variance is just too big. You should play $1 45 mans until $200 and then move to $2 180 mans. If you do not follow a strict and conservative BRM you are veri likely to go broke :( .

      Best regards,