Attacking/Defend Cbet stats 50NL

    • HarveyFP
      Joined: 29.10.2009 Posts: 42
      Was looking to start a discussion on the best way to either exploit or defend a opponents Cbet stats - both Cbet % and fold to Cbet.

      What are the ranges % wise that I should be looking at to attack - should this be anything above 50% cbet I should be raising over ? And conversely based on the Fold to C-bet % should I turn up the frequency of my cbets based on a high % in opponents ?

      thanks for the replies in advance
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    • spit22
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      i would say concentrate on specific opponents. e.g if an opponent cbets like 70% but rarely defends when you attack then you should do it very often with not much . If another cbets 70% but is v aggressive and could 3bet bluff a c/r etc. then pick your spots better board textures+ your hand equity.

      but yeah you should be looking to attack if they cbet more than 50%