What a day...

    • KobeLG
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      Hi everyone,

      today is officially a good day (for me at least :f_biggrin: )

      It didn't occur to me until I've been called "lucky punk, luck box, lucker (it's not a mistype)"
      and been told to "marry the dealer"

      Then it hit me and decided to call this day:
      "call minraises with suited connectors, flop the nut straight, and get paid off with trips DAY" :f_p:

      also "suck out on the river for full house vs flopped straight, limp small pairs for set value, flop the set and last but not least win the coin flip DAY" :f_p:

      that's pretty much how it's been going till now, hope nobody is hating me for this, if so give me a freakin break cause it happens like ahh...well never before.

      Don't get me wrong I'm not here to brag or anything, oh no, u see I'm all about sharing and I'm hoping my luck will somehow rub off on all of u reading this post.

      also trying to balance all the negative posts with bad beat after bad beat, so chin up people a day like this could be around the corner.

      on a side note it's also 90's nostalgia creep up on me day and I've been listening to tracks like this one...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9YPb5yoJpk

      " I ain't a playa. get it right
      I'm controllin' the game"

      damn that sounds cocky :s_cool:

      EDIT: posted Feb.03.2010, because on the fourth...who knows
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    • Vandepoele
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      Hey there :)

      Nice to see you having a good time and winning a lot..
      But i'd be carefull.. a friend of mine was in this state once, limped with more than he usually would and get paid off big, but fortune can change in the flip of a card.. just some friendly advice :) ... I told my buddy but he wouldn't have it, tought the pokergods were backing his everymove till he lost big :p

      Ofcourse its always nice to have lady fortuna on your side from time to time :) so make use of it as long as your not beeing to bold with it (well thats my point of view anyways :) )

      Hoping that good day will come for me sometime soon aswell:)