Do SSS only Con-bet HU?

    • wilm
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      Just noticed that the strategy articles say we only have to C-bet if we are HU and villain checks to us.

      So what when we are OOP? Also Con-bet?

      And we cant Con-bet in multiway pots? Im a Fixed Limit player myself and we always uses the rule to C-bet max 3 way pots.
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi wilm!

      As you can read in this article, we have to make a c-bet if we are oop and if we are ip and the opponent checks to us. And don't make a c-bet in a multiway pot like you do it in Fixed Limit! The amount you have to bet in NL is much bigger than the amount you can/have to bet in Fixed Limit.

      Good luck at the tables!