fast or normal speed???

    • Leito99
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      where are there more fish in cash games????
      fast speed tables or normal speed??
      turbo SNGs or normal speed??

      i think turbos are fishier but in cash games i think maybe more regs on fast tables...
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    • lessthanthreee
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      turbo sngs generally have more regs because they want to put in more games to get a higher rakeback and higher $/hr on their ROI.
    • Navrark
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      When you first started playing Poker, did you play the regular speed tables/SNG's or the fast ones?

      Also, I don't think fast games are for enjoyment sakes, more for bing, bang, boom give me the money fast.

      However, multi-tablers will often want to play regular speed games because they can play more tables at once that way. But, if they are playing a lot of tables they are likely to make a lot of mistakes.

      I prefer slow and I only play one table/SNG at a time, but I am in the minority.