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felting people

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    • Optroot
      Joined: 11.05.2008 Posts: 250
      You shouldn't feel bad for felting people, if you do you shouldn't play poker. You are there to take people's money, deal with it.

      Here's my story, this is why you should never feel bad felting people, because you wont have a better story than this.

      About a year ago I was playing NL200 at Montreal Casino, and this fish was sitting on my right, and had a 100bb stack. He looked like a janitor/gambling addict that had stopped by after work because he still had his coveralls on with his name sewn on it.

      He had been playing for a couple hours, and said he lost 3 stacks (of 100bb) AA vs KK. So we play for a while, he raises, I call with a pp, hit a set vs his 2 pair, felted. He goes to the bank machine, grabs another $100, his hands are shaking, he looks like he is going to explode, or cry.

      About half an hour later and a couple of stacks lost to other players, I am dealt AA this guy raises, I 3b he calls. flop is all low cards and we get all the money in. he shows KK, turn and river brick.

      The guy slams his fists on the table. "FUCK!!!!!! $1000 I LOST TONIGHT! FUCK THIS GAME!!", then he knocks over his chair and storms over to the bar. he grabs a drink, and is pacing nervously around, he sits down and it looks like hes crying.

      I made $250 that night. I bought 2 pairs of jeans, one of which I'm actually wearing right now :) .

      Moral: people have to lose at poker, it is your intention of making everyone lose their money to you, so there is no point if feeling bad, just STFU and enjoy your money, just don't be rude to them and rub it in, because then they wont come back.