[NL2-NL10] NL10 SH. AKs tough

    • Heffron89
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      BB ($1)
      UTG ($2.52)
      MP ($10)
      Button ($7.79)
      Hero (SB) ($10)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with K, A
      1 fold, MP bets $0.20, 1 fold, Hero raises $0.65, 1 fold, MP raises $2, Hero calls $1.50

      Flop: ($4.50) 7, 4, 4 (2 players)
      Hero checks, MP bets $4.50, Hero raises $7.80 (All-In), MP calls $3.30 (All-In)

      Turn: ($20.10) 3 (2 players, 2 all-in)

      River: ($20.10) 3 (2 players, 2 all-in)

      Total pot: $20.10

      Im pretty new to Shorthanded and I really didnt know what to do here PF, if I should've 4betted or call? I think my call was bad as i was oop.
      The flop I just wanted to get it in with a flushdraw and 2 overcards I think it was pretty okey against his range...

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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Both shoving and folding are better than calling the 3bet out of position, depending on how loose you think that guy can 4bet you in that steal situation. If he's really tight folding is fine, if he's the type to fight for pots in steal/resteal situations then it's an easy shove.

      As played on the flop there is virtually zero chance you make him fold an overpair no matter what line you take, and since your hand is too strong to fold too, this becomes a non-problem against those hands.

      That leaves us with his potential 4bet bluffs and AK. Can he c-bet/fold with those, or not? If you don't think he will, just open jam yourself to give him crappy odds to call it off for a chop and to prevent him from outdrawing you with his bluffs by checking behind and hitting the turn. Even if you get called every single time by an overpair, you have great equity. On the other hand if you do think he will c-bet/fold bluffs/AK, check/shoving is better to get money out of these hands before you force them to fold.

      Hope it helps.