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[NL2-NL10] A9o CO steal, BU mRR

    • elhh82
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 6,838
      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.20(BB) IPoker
      SB ($4)
      BB ($4.20)
      UTG ($19.30)
      UTG+1 ($20)
      UTG+2 ($21.88)
      MP1 ($18.73)
      MP2 ($20)
      Hero ($4.71)
      BTN ($6.06)

      Dealt to Hero 9:club: A:diamond:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, Hero raises to $0.60, BTN raises to $1, fold, fold, Hero calls $0.40

      FLOP ($2.30) 9:spade: 4:club: T:club:

      Hero bets $1.40, BTN raises to $5.06 (AI), Hero???

      I guess the min re-raise meant i had to call with pot odds, althought i didn't like it too much.

      Villian is quite fishy, plays a lot of pots and open minraises from all positions

      I think it was a mistake to donk out at the flop. Check/Call or Check/Raise would've been better i feel.
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    • elhh82
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 6,838
      to addon, i think it was a mistake to Dk out because

      1. i had almost no fold equity against the fish.
      2. he would most definitely bet here and if i think i'm ahead i should let him lead into me.
    • mineriva
      Joined: 30.04.2008 Posts: 913
      Ok preflop A9os is really the bottum of our stealing range so I would consider folding to the minraise. Remeber the reason is because we are so often dominated and we want to avoid these kind of hands. However we have a read on this guy that he likes to open minraise from any position. Do we know what he does if he is reraised? In my experience these minraises are often suited cards or small pairs and villian folds to reraise.

      I would have shiped or folded preflop depending on what i believe he will do.

      On the flop we have to decide wether we want to go allin with 2nd pair tk. Personally i dont dk here. After the dk here I think we have to call $2.7 to win $7.8. We dont really get odds to call for a 5 outer but these preflop minraisers so often just ships their FD here that I prob would call.
    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      What do you want to flop by saying ''Pot odds?'' With A9o, mostly you flop a Toppair weak kicker (or say no kicker at all in 3betpot assuming A8 and less will not 3bet you commonly enough) and middlepair of nines.

      That said, I think it is either shove pre or fold. Without reads and stats I just muck it preflop even though it looks weak.

      But I definitly do know calling with the intention of mucking it 66% of the time (since u cannot flop FDs hence monster draws) is even more ---EV because you give him an extra $0.4 to buy some lollipops from :P

      As played, either c/f or c/RAi. Donking out makes him playing perfect: He folds his air and jams his valuehands. possibly you are sometimes mucking the best hand since he can jams SDs, FDs as well

      - Gerv