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Kiroman SNG's Diary

    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      Hello and welcome to my brand new Blog on the best school of Poker that you can find online. Without take away nothing from other excellent school, I believe that PS has nothing to be jealous of anyone.

      My Blog on here is totally dedicated to my venture in the world of SNGs and obviously, it will be concentrate only to all the aspect of the Single Table Tournaments.

      I would like to finish this first post by thanks once again PokerStrategy for give me the possibility to using this space to report my progress on this venture.

      My hope is that this my "diary" may be in some way useful to anybody before me. See you soon and good poker to to you all!
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    • Moonwolf52000
      Joined: 22.02.2009 Posts: 58
      hope you have success :)

      what stakes will you be playing ? what's your bankroll ? which platform are you playing ?

      keep us updated
    • drawback
      Joined: 30.01.2009 Posts: 155
      Good luck.
      Some detailed information would be useful ;)
      waiting for that.
    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      Hello and welcome back to my second appointment with this particular blog dedicated only to my venture to the Sit and Go's tournaments.

      I would like first of all, apologise for the quality of my English that in some occasion (usually after a bad-run session) I believe may become difficult to understand; sorry about that.

      I see with my immense joy that there is some interest to my activity and, of course, I will try my best to make it always enough interesting.

      To start straight on with the updating of the playing, I must say that I am still on stand-by mode as I feel that my hand-range is not complete and I am still work on it.

      I believe that the level of the players has increase and I really believe that some adaptation is necessary to reduce to the minimum the variance.

      Anyway, back to your question I am playing on different platform:

      Pacific Poker

      and I have an account open on:

      Full tilt
      Titan Poker
      William Hill Poker

      My nick is almost Kiroman in some case the difference is in the extension where it may varies in numbers or some capital letter like AAKK, etc.)
      My bankroll in total is of $ 500 about (where the most is distribute between PS, PP, PK). I have start on each single lobby with a minimum deposit of $10 where almost of the bankroll (exception for Pacific where I have started with the PokerStrategy initial $50) by playing and win Freeroll and Double or Nothing SNG. In fact, DON or Standard SNG is the other big question mark.

      I am not decide yet where to concentrate all my energy and recourse as, in all honesty, I love PokerStars but I am a bit in advantage on lobby like PP and PKR. Logically, I should play where my profit is maximise but it is not always simple choice profit over love. Anyway, it will come out soon and the time will show the truth.

      For this appointment is all and I will come back in the next post with more technical date almost concentrate on my progress on the Hand-range's building and hopeful, soon I should be able, at least, to decide on which platform (or lobby) Kiroman will start grind.

      Bye for now friends and eventually, I will see you around.
      Good Poker to you all!
    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      The first level of the microlimits is the right start

      as a begin, it does look very healthy!
    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      It does look good on the SNG's DON too

      but that does not resolve my initial doubt about which format of SNG I should specialise to. :spade:
      Plus, I am very unhappy with the quality of my playing :spade: I am not very please with my strategy :spade: especially on the standard format :club: where I am still making a lots of mistakes. :s_mad:
      Obviously, the poor quality of this first level of the microlimits does not stop me to be still a winner at this limit :diamond: but it is enough to compromise my game at a superior level. :spade:
      There is a lot of work that must still be done :heart: and before everything is not in the right place :club: I really believe that there is not questions about the decision of start grinding. =)
    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      If I can win a standard Sit as well I can do the some at DON why I am so doubtful about start grind and do the all thing in a more suitable fashion?
      Plus, I have started playing Poker online last summer where I was unable to do a single victory in any discipline. Then, I decide to dedicate some time and studying the appropriate strategy to approach the game. As a result, with a simple TAG strategy, I become in a small time a discrete player by build a Bankroll with Freerolls and DON, where I manage to beat the $20. :spade:
      So, what has happen then? :f_confused:
      Why I am worry so much to go broke? :f_confused:
      ... and in particular, why I cannot start grind straight way? :f_confused:
      To be able to find an answer to this questions mark may be the key of the success. :rolleyes: So, let's go to see if I can, at least, find some answers by look back and analyse my attitude around the game so far. :spade:
      For now, lets assume that I have been averaging a respectable $10/hour at poker, what should I do? ?(
      In this case what I need to consider is whether or not I can play for an extended period of time without losing my edge. It is one thing to sit down for an hour, beat the game and leave. It is another to sit down for six hours and consistently leave $60 richer. :spade:
      It is always a bad idea to play with scared money; may my bankroll handle the volatility due the variance? :spade:
      The answer seems relatively simple. At least on that last question. :club: If I was more wide and avoid to cash day in and day out, making party, behaviour like a totally foul, by thinking that I had found the Eldorado and miss the respect to my bankroll, well the answer of that question should be yes. But because I did though at time, now I am with a very scary bankroll that does not allowed me to playing in some sort of security as any bad period may cause a disaster. :spade: Also, a so small bankroll does not allowed me to play comfortable at a level of buy in superior, where everybody are slightly more reasonable and avoiding players so loose that populate the $1, (at this level so low of buy-in nothing is certain; may happen that you will be call by a player holding 72o that beat you out even you was holding AA). :s_mad:
      A solution can be to cash out all around and concentrate it all on one poker room. But, is that the right answer? :spade:
      I am concluding this post by say that it is very easy making silly mistake but after take a long time to fix it all. So, before any suitable and reasonable strategy, we should considerate many aspect beyond the game like the Bankroll Management for start :spade:
    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      After a few posts dedicated to a panoramic view of my situation, I would like start, with this post, the effective Kiroman's Journal about SNGs. :club:

      It has been not easy to decide for my sake. :diamond:
      So, after all, I have come out with something look like a plan. :spade:

      The only thing I am not sure at moment is the starting date that should be any point after the begin of March as I am at moment very busy with some events. :s_cool:

      Format: Standard 9 Players (50% - 30% - 20%)
      Buy-in: $1.20/$3.40

      I will start with two tables and added another two for a total of multi-tabling 4 tables at time in my first week. :D