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Hello and rake?

    • eikciR
      Joined: 07.02.2010 Posts: 23
      Hello everyone, my name is Rickie. I've played poker for around five to six months now. I'm fairly young, not going to mention my age, and so far the only online poker I play is at FullTilt and well for live: I regularly play £5 SNG's with a few mates every so often, which has a field of around 10 haha. Considering how long i've played poker for I would like to think that I have a good amount of knowledge for the game. I've looked at many online videos and have purchased a few books such as Harrington on Hold 'em and other similar types. I recently deposited $30 on to FullTilt, which is near £20, and started playing $0.01/$0.02 and $0.02/$0.05. I was making a nice profit at the time, earning around $7 a day until I lost $20 in a day due to big suck outs, or maybe me being stupid. I then went on a stupid rampage and as I was steamed I decided to play $0.05/$0.10 with a small roll of around $12. I played a mixed game, knowing that people were using HUD's and managed to luckily get my roll back up to $30. In that game I met a German guy who told me to use Poker Strategy and even though, like I said, I thought I had a very developed poker mind I have already learnt a hell of a lot more than I thought i'd ever need to know! Now i'm regularly playing $0.01/$0.02 cash games and I may start entering a few daily freerolls.

      I hear a lot of people on here speaking about rake back, what exactly is it? I've looked online and it basically tells me that it's the money taken out of a pot/buy-in which is taken by the online poker company, or something like that. Could somebody help me and explain it in greater detail, perhaps with an example to get it through my thick skull?

      PS: It would be much appreciated if somebody could also link me to some highly rated and suggested poker strategies for low limit cash games as i'm such a noob I can't find any. Thankyou for reading this - if you actually did!
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    • Andre
      Joined: 26.12.2005 Posts: 1,443
      Hey eikciR,

      hmmm, in general, there is nothing more to say and you explained it right. Rake is an amount taken out of the pot after showdown. It is the money the Card Room keeps.

      For example: Imagine you play NL50 with a full stack and you are all in against one opponent that has 50$ in the pot as well. We are talking about a pot of 100$, right? If the rake is for example 5%, the winner of the Pot will not get 100$ but 95$, because 5% of 100$ is 5$. :)

      Rakeback is paid either on a weekly or monthly basis to Poker Players from the Card Room. Lets take Fulltilt to explain.
      At Full tilt a player can get 27% Rakeback on the basis of the overall amount he raked in one week.
      Example: Lets say you rake 1000$/week (that means every raked hand you were in added, see example one), than you get 270$ back.

      Hopefully i could help you. If you have any further questions, feel free to come back to us every time.