Just had a horrible session. Down about 15bi, about 5 or 6 bi below ev. Can't wait for rakeback on friday :f_biggrin:

QQ into KK (3 times)
AK into AA
AK into KK
AK into QQ
AK into TT
QQ into AK
QQ into A7s preflop ai
someone calling a raise with KJo, flops two pair, i have a set JJJ, all in on the flop. rivers a king
AK vs KQ
JJ into AK
someone calling a reraise with K9s, shoves his gutshot and guess what

in the BB 62o. 1 limper flop 642rb, i donk pot, he raises, .. ai on the flop. shows Q4s.. Q on the river
someone calling a raise oop met 79s, flops 2 pair vs my overpair
someone calling a raise oop 8To, i hit tptk he hits trips on the flop
QQ into AA
KK into AA
AA vs QJ. rr ai on 9T6Trb and catches a K on the river
rest vs AA
AQ flop AQ5, 2 hearts, i go all in. other guy shows AKo. runner runner flush
QQ vs AK
someone l/c A8s, chases his fd and it arrives
rest AQ into AK
KK vs AA
someone setmining against me (playing shortstacked) hits
rest AK into TT
someone bets 88, calls 3bet (i play shortstacked) and flops a set killing my queens.
AK into AA
KK into AK
some retard calling a reraise with A9o. flop A99 (me AK)
JJ into QQ
some retard calling a raise with 47s gets his flush
some retard l/c KT and kills my AK

And for the haters amongst u, i know it's all standard. wanted to vent anyway.