6 vs 10 player table

    • notmebug
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      I'd like to know which table people consider most profitable in micro poker?

      I play $0.10-20 mostly texas holdem.

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    • Ave27
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      it depends on what you can play. 6 players u need to be a lot looser as the blinds hit more often, u need a solid post-flop game to play 6max. if your just starting out, i'd recommend you start with 10.

      i have notice on titan tho that there seems to be more 6max tables then fullring, so that is a factor.
    • Navrark
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      If you ever want to play live the Casinos I think always have 10 to a table so Full Ring is the best to learn. The reason why is the casinos have to pay dealers salaries and so they want 10 people per dealer instead of 6.

      I looked up stats on PTR once however and I was shocked by how much some players have lost at $0.50/$1.00 FLSH. It may be a lot fishier because the fish like the action.

      Some people say the Full Ring games are dominated by TAG's so the play is tighter and less profitable.