I've been multitabling at Everest for the last month with great results. one problem I've found, however, is the rathole timer. when I stand up, an invisible timer starts. for the next hour, if I reserve a seat and sit down at the table again in the next hour, I have to bring back my winnings. All standard, no complaints there. What really peeves me though, is that instead of bringing up the stack buyer, it instead automatically buys in for the amount I left with, meaning the invisible timer resets, even if I don't play a single hand!
When I've got half a dozen tables already, this can easily cause me to repeatedly reset timers for the best tables, not a good thing.

Of course, this could be fixed on their end, but in the meantime, I've been searching for some kind of timer program that would allow me to make memoed hourlong timers visible in a list, so I can quickly check to see if I want to join the offered table.