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      Hi Guys, I am from Scotland and am recovering from a serious leg injury so spend a lot of time either at home or in hospital. I have been trying to learn how to play poker for the past 6 months using my starting capital from I am working my way through the stratagy articles and videos and have viewed some of the coaching videos. I find these really interesting and they have improved my game and given me a real insight into the game of poker. TBH I don't think I have the patience or discipline to make a good player but I find it helps me relax and I still have £30 of my starting capital remaining after palying about 6000 games (mostly cash, s & gs and tournaments).

      What I do not like about the game is the abuse I receive from some players who think they are poker stars and criticise me and other new players for playing like donks or fish. I reacted badly last night when I got criticised for raising J8s in a SH cash game and then calling the BB's 'mega raise'. I went on to win the game with a flush but my opponent then sat out of the game and proceeded to wind me up for daring to call his raise. He seemed to think That I should not have raised with my hand and should have folded to his raise.

      Anyway it pissed me off and I had to stop playing. What advice would you give me to help cope with this type of criticism?

      May thanks and good luck at the tables.

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Macdui & welcome to PokerStrategy, it's good to see you.

      Table chat and insults is i'm afraid common place and we've all been guilty of it at times.

      I find the best way to ignore it is to either hide the chat or turn it off. The way to do this depends on which platform your using as they are all slightly different.

      Tbh, in your example, whilst I'm not an expert, I think that most times having been re-raised your J8s is most likely behind to a pair, strong Ace, King or even Queen, so I would be looking to fold there and wait for a better spot.

      Each to their own of course, a lot will depend on your table position, your read on other players and own table image etc.
      Why not take advantage of our sample hand forums, where you can obtain free 2nd opinions on tricky hands from highly experienced coaches and hand judges.

      Anyway, wishing you a speedy recovery from your injury and enjoy your poker.

      Best regards,

    • Macdui
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      Thanks for the reply Bart. I am keeping away from the cash games for a while until I tighten up my game. I have been playing tournaments and and have had a bit of luck, placing in several tournaments and taking first place today in a new player game on the Party Poker site winning £220 dollars!! I certainly did not raise with J8 suited in this game!

      Looking forward to playing more tournaments and I have qualified for the 10k bankroll builder on 28 Feb, bring it on!

      I have re-read all of the silver level strategy sections and have found them very helpful. I am now looking forward to playing more Poker and reaching gold standard.

      Omce again thanks for your reply and hope to speak soon.


    • MrMardyBum
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      Hello Macdui,

      And welcome to poker strategy... I used to live in Scotland too, I lived in a little town called Lossiemouth, just kind of in between Aberdeen and Inverness. Where do you live?

      Sorry to hear about your injuries, but on the bright side at least you are getting time to explore the wonderful (and sometimes brutal) world of poker. Anyway, good luck and I hope your nice run of Tournament poker continues, keep us all updated.

      Oh yeah... J,8s is a definite No from me also, but as Bart said each to their own only you know the situation at the table :)

      Also, as Bart FORGOT to mention also other experienced poker players will also tell you what they would of done in certain situations so you don't just have hand coaches etc telling you all about the stats and equity. You also get people whom many of each would of actually played that situation so you get many different takes on the hand that you played.

      And if table chat does bother you then Bart made the correct suggestion either mute the player or turn off the chat completely. Most poker rooms offer the ability to mute someone just by right clicking their name and clicking mute. :)

      See ya around hopefully :)