It seems the general consensus is you want the loose players on your right, and the tight players on your left, but this seems to be the exact opposite of the table best suited for SSS.
If the loose players are first, more times will have a raise, and you're limited to only JJ+AK, or if two go in, KK+AA. If the loose players are after you, you get more calls, bigger pots, and facing weaker hands on average.
The tighter players are mainly TAG and rocks. Either way, you get less calls, and the few calls you do get are stronger, and often raises instead, leaving you with either at a loss, or a blindsteal. If they're upstream, by the time it's your turn, they've either folded or advertised their strength, letting you act accordingly.

Anyway, that's how my logic sees it, what's wrong with it?

While one is explaining it, could you also tell me which is worse, a tight player to my right, or a loose one to my left? is it worth sending out another line if there's loose players on both sides, or is it only one of the "righty loosey lefty tighty" mandate that's important?