A question for you Everest poker players...

    • Wurble
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      I have a $50 bonus on Everest (cheers PS) and just want to earn as many points as poss in the shortest possible time.

      I'm quite comfortable playing 12 tables, 20 if playing DONs so I'm wondering what the best way is. I already have a roll on pokerstars so I'm not going to be following the strictest BRM although I don't want to be too silly.

      So my question while I wait for the deposit is, where is the most traffic? and what can I play most of?

      I have heard people recommend NL10 but then I have also read that not enough traffic to play loads of tables with SSS. BSS at NL 10 would be a bit much for the roll and NL2 would drive me to suicide.

      I'm used to SNG's especially DONs but don't know what the traffic's like... Any pointers?
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    • morris979
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      NL10 is only any good if you are going to play 6 max.(tons of tables) Not so good at full ring where there always seems a shortage of tables with long waiting lists.
    • Bubalus
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      Recommend sss NL10 if you are comfortable with it, so many fishes. You should get like 40-60 points/h when playing 12 tables. ATM there 15 tables, at the peak 20+, so no problem with traffic there.
      If you like DoNs, then I recommend 6-handed ones, because FR has a slow-paced blind structure.
    • Turcin
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      Just one question.. How can u play 10+ tables on everest? Im playing NL10 and NL25 SH, but i can normaly play only 6-8 tables.. Software is awful, tables pup up every second, and bet bar is sooo bad...

      I think u should grinding sng till 100$, and then switch to NL10SH, because there are so many fishes, and u get points even if u fold ur hand preflop..
    • Wurble
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      Cheers for the replies guys... I've screwed a good portion of the roll 9 tabling last night.

      Bit silly really because I was playing NL10 6 max and sng's... I'm not used to the software which is awful by the way lol but it just wasn't registering in my head when I was being re-raised that I was probably beat (sounds daft I know but that's what happened).

      I'm used to the software now though so will grind the micro sng's until I'm properly rolled for NL10 6-max as that seems the way to go.

      Oh and jeez it's a culture shock playing at Everest - at stars even low stakes have plenty of profitable and solid regs but at Everest over 5hrs of playing different types of games I only came across a couple of solid players.

      The main reason for my losses was getting busted on the bubble when I'd push Ax and get called by BB holding JT or whatever and sucking out... Fishy wishy's, gotta love em.