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BSS mnenomics, or how to stop alt-tabbing to the preflop table.

    • Catinthewall
      Joined: 17.09.2009 Posts: 50
      BSS is complicated, Even once one has learned about it, actually putting it into practice is a completely different animal.

      Anyone can play a piano, it's just tapping keys in the right order. Not anyone can play the piano well, and few can play the piano well without the music sheets (in our case, the sheets are the tables of how to play preflop).

      Once you've gotten the hang of BSS, being able to play postflop is a breeze in most cases, it's the preflop that takes longer to memorize. That's where my set of mnenomics comes in handy, and I thought I'd share them with the group.

      "When Queens get together, they raise a few complaints before calling their husband. Kings raise even more"
      Rerereraise kings, only raise queens once before going to Call 20.

      "The courT Jesters Always open loudly, even when someone's on the stage, but they are a mediocre second act."
      Again, openraise and raise calls, but Call20 a raise.

      "The Au pair opens late, but you can still call in the afternoon or night." Openraise late, fold UTG, limp or call20 otherwise.

      "A King rides around all day long, but A Queen and A courT Jester stay in until after breakfast. If the blind beggar calls, they may not get out until late!"
      Raise AK, openraise AT+ from middle, if someone limps, raise late and call in the blinds.

      "A number in a matching suit goes out late, and will call his friends back if they invite him"
      OpenRaise late, limp along late.

      "Broadway pens late, but will be responding to calls all afternoon".
      K/Q/J/T suited Is good to raise late, but can join limpers along from a middle position.
      "Off-Broadway is just the same, opening in the evening, but they never call you back!"
      K/Q/J/T offsuit is a good lateraise, but only worth calling in the blinds.

      "And Finally, I've got a connection on suits, they're open from Four to Five, I can get them to open in the evening if you call me back After breakfast, of course."
      Raise suited connectors late but fold the SB uncontested, join limpers from the middle position.

      "If you don't have a Pair of friends, don't get into a fight, and be sure to have a twenty to pay them later."
      fold reraises except QQ-22, and fold those if you can't pay them the 20. :f_p:

      That's the lot. Much easier on the brain to learn than a tiny grid, and now you can go play in a real casino. :f_cool:
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    • SheepMoose
      Joined: 15.01.2009 Posts: 854
      I think you make things seem harder than they really are. And if you need a handchart to make decisions for you you're destined for a lot of fail.

      Oh, and postflop poker is not easy once you understand preflop poker.
    • Catinthewall
      Joined: 17.09.2009 Posts: 50
      Well, I found them to be helpful when beginning multitabling, If it's a marginal, I'd just bring the relevant line to mind, and check the "time" of where the button was. When I was still refering to the tables to check the playability, I found the the basic BSS table hard to read, so came up with them as a way to retain the basic strategy and thought I'd pay it forward.

      It's an old memory trick, some can memorize a dozen decks of shuffled cards by association, I just gave each playable hand and association and went from there.

      I don't use them as a bible, but I still have them run through my head and I'm fond of them.

      I didn't say postflop was easy, I meant, often the snap decision is the best option, a beginner has to deal with a lot more marginal preflop hands than marginal postflop hands. :f_rolleyes:
    • Fongie
      Joined: 02.12.2006 Posts: 4,978
      Originally posted by Catinthewall
      Once you've gotten the hang of BSS, being able to play postflop is a breeze in most cases,
      Wow, definately definately definately definately definately not true. Not taking anything away from your effort to.. memorize.. the preflop game (which you shouldnt really memorize but instead understand), but you cannot have much experience if you make a claim such as this :s_o:
    • alister15
      Joined: 09.04.2009 Posts: 123
      Originally posted by Catinthewall Once you've gotten the hang of BSS, being able to play postflop is a breeze in most cases,

      I wish. To me it seems the more you understand preflop play the more complicated postflop play becomes.

      Or maybe I'm just thinking too much. ;)
    • Ave27
      Joined: 14.01.2007 Posts: 171
      I'd have to disagree the pre-flop is so much easier to play. you only have two cards, and u look at your position. Are you blinds, late, middle, and early. is there a bet in front or not and so on.

      All the thoughts for the pre-flop are pretty basic and easy to remember. post-flop there is a lot more things to consider. your in so many marginal spots, and its not always easy to make the right choose.
    • Deckard33
      Joined: 20.05.2009 Posts: 80
      Well I love mnenomics and collect them and if it works for you fine but I'm not crazy about these ones, I think you're just learning twice in these cases.

      Although I do mix it up I'm fairly ABC pre and on the flop, it's turn and river play where I struggle and think this is where the men and the boys are separated.