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    • BOBOsvk
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      Hey there,

      I used to write here under my brother's account: From zero to hero ! From sngs to cash games. That's one of the reason why I created this account.

      After blowing up all free bankrolls on the internet I was "successful" at my last challenge earning and withdrawing about 1500$ I decided to end with poker for ever.

      It was caused mainly by bad beats online and one great beat at live poker.
      I rly did not play for 6 months :D . I did not watch poker, I did not talk about poker, there were no more poker in my life. Suddenly few days before I was watching poker online and saw some beats. As they still say: "it's a part of this game", or "that's poker".

      I started to think about poker more and more. The question was: "If I could make 1000$ from 10 first time, 1500$ from 5$ second time, I have to be able to do it once more. (I won't mention the big blow ups, where I made 500$ from 50$ and lose it in one hour :f_cool: )

      So, what's my plan. I started with 400$ to play 5,5$ 6 max sngs. Plan is to make 2500 of these in 60 days to clear the bonus. Ofc I hope moving up asap so less tournies will be needed.


      1, tilt free poker
      2, only 6max sng, and only 5,5$ until I feel comfortable moving up (no other type of games)
      3, at least 40 sngs /day

      I will try to update when something happens :) .
      Keep fingers crossed!!!

      Bobo :f_p:
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    • lozz08
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      Sounds good to me, just control that tilt. I know it's the biggest challenge for a lot of people.
    • BOBOsvk
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      Oh my god!

      I played freeroll for seats in the 250k guaranteed. 125 people started and I finished first winning 320$ token into tho main event. :f_cool:

      As I do not play these big tournies dont know what to do, since the site does not offer any tournament tickets money to cash :f_cry: .

      I was chipleader from the begining, I knocked out 3 people with my set, then my kings held up against one man. I made 2 big bluffs and I got ultra umba lucky in 3 hands on the final table. First was while shorstacking A10 vs AK, I hit the 10.

      I had A8 vs 55. Flop comes 5 7 9 and I am like, ok I finished 4th. BUT TURN CAME a blank, and the river 6 :s_o: SHIP IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

      The third hand I dont even remember now. I think it was a redemption for my bad luck in one hand, when I could have 50k chips and the second in this stage had 20k!

      Anyway, seems like I will have to play in this main tourney so keep fingers crossed.

      Concerning sngs: please lord, don't make the dealer to deal me kings. I can't even count how many times did I have to fold on the flop and how many times did lose against an inferior hand.

      And that's it!
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      Originally posted by BOBOsvk
      Concerning sngs: please lord, don't make the dealer to deal me kings.

      Can you count how many times you stacked off??? Nobody seems to remember those times. :s_mad:
    • BOBOsvk
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      One 7 days passed and I am here with my update. F
      First of all the graph:

      Important moments:

      Game 225: changed my game
      Game 260-290: one bad beat after another, made only 2 tilty plays
      Game 450-500: I think I played these verywell but unfortunatelly I have tons of 3rd finishes and when I got tu heads up I lost :f_mad:

      I have nothing more to say. Only, dealer please, dont give me those kings :f_cool: .
    • BOBOsvk
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      Yo guyz time to write something new :) .
      So I definitelly finished playing sngs (played 900 in two weeks) and I switched to 6 max ring games with blinds 10c/20c. I played some hands I was winning pretty nice ammount from the begining as with the sng way. But after while I started to play even. When I get even in some period of time I start to think about switching to another game (6max/hu) or (cash games/sngs).

      Atm I am focusing on NL 50 heads up. I would like to ask everyone who is interested to discuss this format, dont hesitate to contact me on skype. (

      thanks :)