Thanks and nice start!

    • damisau
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      Hey guys,

      first let me thank you (this site) for the excellent introduction to the world of poker. I got to poker by getting home drunk and watching WSOP on EuroSport, and finally decided this game could be fun to play.

      I went pass the quiz, and received the nice bonus you offer. I play on TitanPoker btw. My bankroll went really nice! Starting with the initial bonus and some extra money (total of 80$), my bankroll went up to 112$ in three days (~6 hrs in total), playing mostly on .10/.20 no limit hold em.

      I am a bit shocked by this positive development and have a few questions:

      - this can't really be a normal winning rate, can it?
      - I usually start with 4$ at the tables, what do I do when hitting the 20$ limit? I get a bit scared of the all-in button to be honest, and feel like changing the table although it is profitable.
      - once getting past the 10$, after 6$ of profit, I tend to feel more aggressive and playing hands which, according to the starting hands chart, I should not play. Not things like 23o, but where the fields in the chart are left blank. Is this already a sign of tilting? Should I quit and start over with 4$?

      Thanks for reading and this great site!
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    • ciRith
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      Hi damisau,

      nice start and welcome to our community. :)

      - 32 = 16 small stacks right? If so this is really nice and known as upswing. So don't be angry if it goes the other way around :)

      - You should leave the table as soon as you reach 25BB = 5$. That is to prevent you from difficult situation. If you start playing worse hands with a big stack you should sticfk to the rule 100%. :)