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@ The English idiot...

    • brokenwings92
      Joined: 13.02.2010 Posts: 7
      Things are messed up in England, mate. I will give you the benefit of the doubt for having enough logic to play football correctly. Footies on a soccer field, albeit.

      Now, the real question...why would a cop pull a car over for being out late at night or early in the morning? Obviously I was refering to being pulled over for being out late, was in reference to a guy that robbed at Tim Horton's just half an hour ago. Similar description, ya know?

      I use "pulled over" as a term for "pulled aside" as it literally means just that. This is not a word that appears in the dictionary as it is not a word. It is two words. The beauty of this word combination is that it can have multiple meanings! I could pull my underwear over my head, I could steal a police car and pull a biker over to the side of the road, or I could even catch you speeding on a bicycle (hint: vehicle, aka the vehicle for non-drivers!) and pull you over and violate your privacy.

      The don't need a driver's license to ride a bicycle.

      PS makes enough, one party does not have significant damage to their revenue. I would have ultimately made them money, but I really shouldn't have to prove to them that I am a lesser human being who enjoys occassional anal sex with a big black man to do so.

      @ Hadi - You kid, you kid! Make the line unclear, even though it already is. At first I was told a Canadian ID and the birth certificate was acceptable. Then I was told that it has to be a photo ID and the birth certificate is not acceptable. Clear line my ass. Also, I think that if someone will tattoo someone else's name on their body just to fraudulently attain money from you guys...the dude deserves it, seriously.

      Peace dudes, I'll be on 2+2 runnin' a train on you.
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