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    • irencaaa
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      i am mainly an SnG / tournament player so i haven't used any poker software / addons yet .. but i am looking into cash games .. and i have noticed that most players have an addon showing other players stats (preflop raises etc.) - the numbers under their name, as in 11/8/0 etc. i am wondering what is the name of that addon / pokersoftware programme .. thank you
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    • Jackalof
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      It's called HUD - Heads Up Display. It shows players' stats such as preflop raise percentage, aggression factor, 3-bet range etc etc etc. HUD is provided by tracking softwares such as Holdem Manager, PokerTracker (try it out - 60 days free trial) and many more.
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello irencaaa

      I would recommend you download the Elephant so that you can start tracking your hands. This way you can post problematic hands on the hand evaluation boards while analysing your stats and graphing your progress.

      You can evaluate the software free for 21 days and if you like it, you can get a licence for the software once you have earned 1,000 Lifetime Strategy Points.

      I hope this helps you with your question.

      Kind Regards,