Hows my game NL25 FR BSS - PT stats

    • random3
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      Here is my last 25k hands of BSS on NL25, 9 handed Full Ring (I played about 30k before this playing SSS where I built my roll) I mostly 6 table, used to play 8 but after a downswing I lowered the number of tables a bit.

      Fwiw I loosened up a little bit in last month, running at about 11/8.

      Any comments/suggestions appreciated, especially regarding my lower VPIP/PFR and high AF postflop which I'm not sure what to think about.

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    • Korn
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      I really like the stats.

      Don't worry about being a little tight, it's much better to be a little too tight than playing to loosely. If you want to loosen up, then make sure you do this step by step - and very slowly.

      Also, your high post-flop AFs go hand in hand with your vpip: as you play only good hands, you will be usually be playing them aggressively post-flop - which is exactly the right thing to do.

      You are definately on the right track.