Notes/color coding

    • mortalvombat
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      What do you write in your notes and how do you color code your opponents?
      Since I'm multitabling I mostly won't notice any weird plays. Should I just mark all multitablers as red or that would be wrong, because many of them could still be losing players?
      There are programs like Sharkscope and Top Shark, but I guess they would be illegal.

      Currently playing 11+1$ 9player SnG's on Fulltilt and taking some shots on 22+2$'s also, not using any tracking programs.

      Thanks for any tips and opinions
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    • Lim00n
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      Personally i mark the multitablers, just so i'm more careful about my early stage game against them (since even if they're bad they play more ABC and tend to have stronger hands when 3 or 4 betting ), i mark those with RED :) . I mark the really fishy players as green and note down what they did (at my limit usually all-in first hand with 86o or something similar, betting small when weak and big when strong).
      Ofc i mark the people i want to take out with purple ;)
    • lennonac
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      Get HEM or PT3 otherwise you are playing ABC poker and regs will pick you off with ease.