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      Short intro.
      Hello! My name is Andris, I am from Latvia. Studying in middleschool 11th grade.

      Poker background.
      Not much, recieved 50$ from pokerstrategy and have made it up to 100$ and withdraw. I was playing cashgames, but my postflop skills are poor so now I am playing superturbos 3,80$ on fulltilt. I was playing 1,70$ SNGs, but my BR was 152$, so I took a shot on 3,80$ games with stop limit at 120$, I made it to 170$ so for now I will be playing 3,80$ games.

      Thank you!
      Big thanks to Alcatrazz(Martin) and Richard(slo playing supertrubos). Martin invited me to SNG grup and that's how I started to play SNG. Richard helped me with sweat sessions. And of course huge thanks to PokerStrategy

      Lifetime graph.

      I am on huge upswing lately. I dont know if I beat them yet, no sample.

      Goals in future.
      I would like to make steady profit, at least 1000$ a month. Since imo, SNGs are not that profitable long term I will probably make a roll and learn cashgames again or switch to MTTs. I have one more year to study in middleschool so I would like to become a pro player before going to uni.

      Ok. That's all for introduction.

      Bankroll $170.91
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