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      Ok I guess now I can share something from my badbeat and downswing factory as well. Two weeks ago I made a deposit on pokerstars and I almost trippled it up in a few days. I was happy because I felt I played good poker, was confident and I managed to get at payed positions in almost every sitngo. Really almost everyone. Suddenly I dont know why (I play still the same), I just cant win or get payed in any possible tournament. Badbeat after badbeat, I am not on tilt, I play cool and think about what I am doing. But some lucky cards often comes. I usualy can double or triple up in early phase of the tournament but I amost always end up on bubble which is making me crazy. I know there might be my problem. Example: bubble (4 players), 3 similar stacks and one total maniac raising preflop every hand as a big stack. I just waited for some good hand and then went all in because btw he was a calling station as well. My JJ against Q9. Board - 5 K 6 8 7.

      I am thinking about withdrawing because I feel that pokerstars doesnt want me to play there. I will now try to have rest for some day, just studying strategies and will see. My limit is another 10 lost tournaments.
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