Is this a normal downswing?

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      Hello, ive played over 350,000 hands with a decent wr (was 3BB/100 up till november but its dropped to 2BB/100 since, havent been on top of my game since then i dont think but still making a decent profit)

      Ive not experiences anything like this before, the 1 really bad day was largely my fault, i tilted quite badly which is something i havent done before but since i cant seem to win a pot and have seem some ludicrous play as im sure you all have, guys calling the flop with Q10, on a K22 board and hitting runner runner etc and just do not get action when i get hand :)

      this has lasted as you see over 10,000 hands now and i think other than the real bad day ive played pretty well, not my A game but enough that i should of showed profit, so is 10k hands pretty standard for this type of downswing?

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