Running bad is an understatement...

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      I wouldn't usually post this as everybody has bad beats but what has happened to me in the last 5 games I have played is undoubtably horrific. I had an incredibly loose guy who called all-ins with A2o shove before me I call with AK and he shows 86 - he hits his straight. I have KK in the small blind and blinds are 150/300. I shove and a guy calls me with 10-7 os - he hits the flop 10-7-7. I'm thinking to myself "This sucks" but i'm still playing a few more tables. I find AA in the first hand UTG, I raise 4x the BB and get two callers. The flop comes down 9-6-2 all different suits. I raise 2/3 of the pot and a guy shoves. I think to myself "he must have hit his set" but as I already had player notes on him before knowing that he shoves on the flop with A high I called. He showed 2 pairs: 9-2. If you guys think it ends there you are wrong. I'm not going to bang on about how I lost to idiots but I just need some way of releasing this tension - no jokes intended lol. I don't know how I can possibly run this bad. I had the help of Richard Burke who has a blog on here. One of them is titled "Semi pro baby!" I think. He helped me out last night in learning a lot more to do with Sit & Go's and I watched him play. I took in to account what he said and I applied it in my own game. It works but I just can't avoid being sucked out on. I'll hit top pair, top kicker and people will hit running clubs to make the flush on me. I just hate poker at the minute. :s_frown:
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