tournament tokens blunder :(

    • excelgeo
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      i was looking to satellite my way to the main event of ftops, looked for the cheapest way in and found $13 HU sng.

      so i registered, found a fish and stacked him. then he wanted a rematch, which he won making 2 pair when he shoved his stack Q3 vs AK on A32 board all in on the flop. we played a couple of times more and i won. so 3 out of 4 isnt bad.

      i then realized that i was playing outside bankroll management and that the tokens are not redeemable. i found myself $50 down.

      what the hell am i going to do with 3 tokens hahaha.

      i noticed that the sat is super turbo super satellite, which can only mean one thing. variance :(

      not to mention that the buy in for the satellite is $25 but they will happilly accept your $26 token!

      my grandma would say "that is how they get you, the gambling kingpins".
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    • Cealin
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      Play the 24+2 MTT's or if you prefer SNG's: do those. Anything of 24+2 can be joined. I especially like the MTT one at 20:00 CET. Nearly 10k for the number one :s_biggrin: .