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Bad Beats

    • jefeche
      Joined: 24.08.2007 Posts: 100
      Hi guys,

      I am just ccurious, for the last 2 years i have played on pokerrom.
      I deposite ther a while back... lost it all and now trying from scratch again.

      maybe i am isolating myself to much, but in my mind a down swing should not continue for over 2 years.

      With absolute certainty i have confirmed that oveer the 2 years i have had KK 212 times and AA 335 times.

      of those my all ins say were called 35 percent of the time. and this is true, i have lost over 75 percent of those all ins.

      Just now i played in one got raised 4 times BB so i pused KK only to be called by A 6 and flop comes A 45, 6, 6

      Yesterday i had AA and opponent thought i was on a steal and push all in with 77. The flop 23774.

      I cant begin to express how depressing it feels to continuously lose with the hands over and over.

      I was at a casino one a while back andhad a huge stack like 2400..

      only a 2 4 nl game..

      I raised on the button after 3 limps to 34 dollars, only to get raised to 120 dollars.... i pondered this move and feflt my opponent had KK so i acted for a while and said i think your stealing so i reraised to 600, and he immmediately pushed all in. Of course i called instantty... He had like 4000 so i knew i was going to double to 5700 and leave the table... up 5000..

      WHen we turn out cards over he has 67 of clubs..... i jump with joy... and everyone at table looks at him with discust.
      The flop comes and i just about lost me mind, he flopped a straight flush.

      Thank you he says.. and after scooping pot gets up and walks over to me says im so sorry and throws me a hundred chip...
      i tell him thats ok you keep it for a rainy day.

      I leave the table immediately because i was ready to just loseit.

      I dont want to whine about bad beats but i hear of people running bad for mnths but not for years..... and to lose with KK AA 75 percent or more is just not normal.

      What can i do differently... should i just call a raise with AA and KK and see if i hit my et first than feel secure or shoould i trust they will hold up...

      I have lost over 10 000 with these hands and thats just not right.

      Never mind having QQ or JJ, i tend to fold these to any raise even a min raise.

      I dont know how to play good cards anymore so i am oping someone will shed some light.
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    • logitechzen
      Joined: 20.06.2007 Posts: 90
      Did you write down what happend every time you had AA or KK?Everything is possible, altho i dont think a downswing would last that long.I think its probably that you remember bad beats alot better than wins, i had the same thing when i started.You have to think that every hand you play is in no way connected to the other hands you have played, its all math.BTW, heard from somewhere that 67 suited was the best hand to have against pocket aces :D .
    • Kknight
      Joined: 30.04.2007 Posts: 374
      I'd think the other two aces would be the best hand to have against pocket aces ;)
    • logitechzen
      Joined: 20.06.2007 Posts: 90
      Well, if you want to beat aces then 67 suited is the best hand to beat aces, but yes if look at it from money saving point of view then ur right :D .