18 Man sng's on stars

    • Wurble
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      I'm wondering what adjustments, if any, need to be made from the standard STT strategy for these?

      I have played 100 or so $1.75's on stars and am about $10 or $15 up but am getting sick of arriving at the bubble as the major shorty.

      The loose push/fold calling ranges of the fish who play these make it a bit of a lottery on the bubble so I'm wondering if I need to open up my range a little in the early phases in order to accumulate more chips?

      I am considering opening my range to limp in with suited aces and sc's when the blinds are low the same as I would set mine with low pp's. I am also considering raising 88+ from LP if there are two or less limpers in front and no raises.

      Would these adjustments be worthwhile? Am I likely to spew more chips than I gain doing this?

      I have this week coming off work so will be playing 600 of these this week so I want to get my strategy down before I start.

      At the moment I play the standard sng strat but I have opened my all in calling range a lot in the early phase as I am happy to flip for an early double up. More often than not a shove early on from a non reg means Ax in these games so I feel comfortable calling them with TT+. This has backfired once or twice when I have run in to a reg shoving QQ+ but I just need to remember to check who's shoving before I call lol.

      Any comments/advice/suggestions will be much appreciated :)
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    • pinnryder
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      Hmm... I would only consider calling with suited Aces, with pot odds and in position and in a multiway pot. They just play bad HU. Other than that I would say that having good knowledge of ICM will give you the edge to make them profitable, even if the results are hard to see in the short term results.
    • frzl
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      i think i wouldn´t do anything different in the beginning. just play tight and solid and practise late game situations with sngs wiz to get used to the new payout structure