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Vic's cake tales, nl 25 sh rush + nl50 sh ^_^

    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      Hey everyone! My name is Victor, 18 years old and I'm from Bulgaria. I got into PokerStrategy from the advertise on TeamLiquid's StarCraft tournament that's running atm, but really, back when I understood, I registered simply because of the 1 to 1000 chance to win a trip to Korea ^_^

      Anyway, out of all dates January the 1st this year I read some VERY inspirational biographies of esport players moving to poker and ofc being the naive guy I am I was pretty sure I could do it too :f_biggrin , despite never playing poker before

      So at that time I remembered about Poker Strategy so I just logged and decided to read the novice articles while waiting for Bronze. I was very dedicated (and still am!) so once I got the $50 I read all the bronze articles before jumping to playing, but tbh I didn't really understand the post flop play too good, so I pretty much halved my bankroll, got pissed and stopped for a week.

      It just so happened that I started a job in a cyber cafe here, so once I started working there I noticed that there are quite some people playing micro tourneys and even micro cash tables. Once I saw how BAD the play all my motivation came back and I was ready to crush the limit... and so I did.

      I pulled myself together and 2-3 tabling at NL4 (for good or bad lowest limit in Cake, where I got my starting bankroll) for two weeks and actually got my bankroll to $95! Wow did I feel invincible back then.
      But ofc as expected I ran into a series of bad beats (and maybe some misplays) which led me to playing worse and bad beats + playing worse that u usually do is NEVER a good combination :f_mad: this brought my bankroll back to $50 and I was in despair again...

      (here I should mention that all the "action" so far is on SH tables)

      last weeks I've played very little poker, because just today was an entrance exam for university (I'm just finishing High School now, I want to get some education in the rare case I fail at beating NL1000 :s_cool: )

      But anyway, the exam is over, I have quite some time before the next one and I'm really dedicated at improving my play. Maybe I won't be grinding as much as I want, because I still need to study some, but I'll make sure to mix poker studying with the regular boring one :D

      So the last few weeks because of that and because I felt that I'm still not playing good enough ABC poker, I'm kinda back to reading articles and watching vids. I decided to try out FR tables too, because in general it's called to be easier AND because there are many more FR tables than there are SH ones in the Cake network (at least on my limit).
      I'm also mixing some micro tournaments too - $1+0.20 SnG, $1.15+0.10 Turbo SnG, $2+40 double up SnG and eventually some 30 big MTTs $1+0.20

      I don't play a very healthy volume of tournaments and I'm on such a wide range of tourneys, because on those micro tourney limits there is close to NO traffic @ cake and it takes ages to get a single tourney started, usually the next one of the type starts when the previous one ends and some of the players join again...

      With the low volume I have experience with my results ofc vary, but I think I'm most confident playing the turbo 10 man SnG - mainly because compared to the regular one, for a $0.05 investment, here is the reward difference:

      $1+0.20 SnG
      (1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2)


      $1.15+0.10 SnG
      (1st $5.20, 2nd $2.80, 3rd $2, 4th $1.50)

      Sure I generate less rake, but rakeback is shit at those limits anyway and I get enough strategy points from playing cash games anyway. But the chance to actually get your BI and still be somewhat ahead where in a regular SNG you would bust with no reward is too tempting :D , while it doesn't affect the 1st, 2nd ant 3rd place rewards.

      You might wonder why am I doing the tourneys stuff - kinda no reason, winning a single tournament brings me less than an allin 100BB against a fish on my cash tables - well I simply enjoy it. I can't really explain why, but right now I'm like in love with the game of poker. I like all types (tho I totally SUCK at Omaha, maybe I should read some articles :P ) and I especially enjoy playing live, so I'm thinking of becoming a regular at a local casino's Monday tournament, so I figured "why not get some practice 1st?" :)

      So to sum things up - right now I don't feel I'm playing as good as I should be, so as a guideline I'm probably going to spend my time in school reading PS articles on my netbook. I'm probably not going to play much cash gaming until I re-read all bronze ones and actually read seriously some of the silver ones.
      I will continue playing low volume of tourneys, because I feel I'm beating them and they don't put my bankroll to a risk

      Ohh and I forgot to put a current update on the bankroll - after being down to $50, I managed to clear the 1st part of the $100 bonus ($10) and with the rakeback I'm pretty much floating between $58 and $70 right now, depending on the tourney variance, so tbh dead even - not something you want when playing the lowest micro stake there is :f_mad:
      (on the positive side I'm 6-10 tabling and am not broke :D :D : D)

      P.S. last thing - tomorrow will be my 1st try at the Monday tournament, which actually is called "The young hope of poker", and as an entry rule you cannot play unless you are below 24 y.o. (and above 18 ofc ^^) . Buy in is 20+5 Bulgarian leva (huge rake I know ;( ; in USD: $14+3.50). Wish me luck guys :s_grin: :f_cool:

      About the cash games - any advice about weather to go back to my SH tables where I felt very comfortable before the slump (and there aren't many short stackers T_T) or move to FR, because those tables actually have some traffic, is welcome (just pls don't answer "play some and with time you'll decide", I can figure that much on my own :f_p: if someone could compare the variance // play style // mentality required to be successful on micro and low limits at both types I'd really appreciate it). Also keep in mind I'm in to constantly better myself (and eventually start making income once at NL50+.. I know I know, let me dream a little) so picking a type of poker to get extremely good at will be top priority if not on this limit then on the next ones (NL 6 or at the very worst NL10)

      OK now really last I'd like to mention that I'll be updating this blog whenever something good or bad happens, after most of my live games and when I'm in desperate need of anti Tilt advice (cuz right now I don't seem to manage it too well, leading to a Stop Loss of 2 or 3BI which SUCKS). I will set myself some goals and do my best to achieve them (seems to be a win-win situation with the whole goal system :] ). I had also planned a much deeper description of my starting weeks and how I felt during the up // downswings (and still have it on a word doc) but as I read it now it feels highly unnecessary and my 1st post is long as hell anyway so.. lets just leave it as it is. I don't want to write down such a long post for no reason a 3rd time :P

      Thats it for now. I'll update you guys tomorrow evening or the day after how my tourney went.
      Peace out and thanks to anyone for caring this much to actually read my rumbles

      if anyone made it down here, through all this noobish, good for nothing crap I just wrote, I sincerely declare you sir a hero!
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    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      Warning! Long post again! If you want a short version it's enough to read the bolded part and find the hand I'm talking about in it, which should be easy!

      Today was a cool day - 1st school wasn't boring, cuz we actually learned some useful (poker wise :P ) things in maths class and I got $100 from my last job, cuz it turned out I've had a bonus for my last salary ^_^

      Live tourney $14+3.5 update
      My first impressions from the casino were extremely nice. The atmosphere was really amazing (if we exclude the fact that smoking was allowed at the tables :/) and the staff was extremely nice and helpful towards everyone.

      So anyway, the game started without any trouble and immediately I noticed how bad the level of the players actually was. 1500 deep with a big blind of 20 there were a TON of limpers and marginal raisers pretty much every hand - I think there wasn't a single time for even MP3 to open a hand.

      A few hands into the game I watched the following hand:
      MP1 limps, CO raise, MP1 call
      flop all clubs, small bet from MP1, CO raise again, MP1 allin, CO thinks a bit and calls.

      MP1 reveals 6c8c, CO reveals AcX... ofc CO hits 4th club to make the nuts, but that showed me how ez it is to bust with the best hand.

      I'll skip more details, cuz I don't want another super long post that's hard to read, I'll just mention that I made an extremely tight approach and actually played only 1 hand in the early phase of the tourney - AA with 3 limps before me. I make an isolation bet, 1 of the limpers calls, but folds to my half pot bet on 88J rainbow board. Too bad it was so early :(

      After that (which happened on 10/20 blinds :( ) I got virtually no good starting hands and as I entered the middle phase of the tourney I had no opportunities to blind steal.. maybe I missed one, but I'll let you guys say: KJo in the CO against 3 limpers? Is it worth an isolation bat on such table where everyone limps and often will call a raise with a hand range from AXs // any suited connector // any pocket pair? I didn't think it is.

      But anyway, I made an extremely tag appearance and decided to try my luck with A2s from MP2, when everyone folded before me. Blinds were 50/100, I raised, everyone folds, with the chip leader (that played pretty much LAG ever since he got chip lead) insta folded with the words: Wow you never played a hand until now. I'm scared". Everyone else folded, to a guy that just came on my table (I forgot to mention - the format of the tourney was 2 tables of 11 each, late registration allowed until the 1st brake that comes an hour and a half into the tourney). He calls and we see a flop. This was probably my one mistake (that I managed to see at least..),. Here is how the hand played:

      1st my raise was 300, where it should have been 400. That might have sent a signal either for weakness or for trying to trap, but obv it was weakness for him.

      My hand: Ah2h
      Flop: 3c5s9h
      (pot size: 750)

      I make small bet, which looked very strange (at least it would look strange for me) trying to show that I want him to raise with, but really I was holding a semi-bluff. So

      Hero bets 200
      Villain rise 400
      Hero call

      At this point, seeing that he min raises my bet, I call because I pretty much knew at this point he has nothing, but so did I...

      Turn shows something random.. like Tc. I check, he bets 400 (in 1550 pot) and I fold with around 900 left in chips and he shows me AJo... his hand was better than mine anyway, but I was still kinda pissed, because if I pushed he would probably not call with high card ace...

      My tourney life ended soon after, with the blinds moving up to 75/150. I saw myself in the following situation preflop with around 700 left:

      I'm UTG and I go broke with QJo. I didn't really remember the starting hands chart (which dictates u can go broke with 5BB or less in EP, so it actually was the correct play), but my logic was that if I post a blind next round I will have only 3,5BB and if someone before me even calls, he is extremely likely to call my allin with ATC, which is not what I want. I just felt that my 4,5 BBs still can induce a fold. Pretty much everyone folded, but the MP3 called... to reveal AK.

      Board comes with 4 spades.. My Q finishes a flush, but so does his A so he wins with the best flush and I'm terminated.

      I felt extremely disappointed afterwards, especially with the way I played my gutshot. I would be VERY grateful if someone with more live experience helps me - how should I have played my 2nd hand? Not get involved at all is probably the easiest answer, but once in that situation what can I do?

      A standard open bet of 600 might have induced a fold, and I realize that my call was extremely bad, but I just want an opinion how would someone else play the hand... that's because I would still have 7BB left if I did a 600 bet, and not the 900 I had now, but I had a good chance to take it there...

      Also if someone could tell me how to adjust my play against TON of limpers and people calling flop allin left and right with drawing hands, I'd really appreciate it. I really need help with that, since I very much like playing live games and I ESPECIALLY liked the casion, but the cash games there are 20/40 dealer's choice, so they are WAY out of my league.
      All I can do is become a regular at this low stake tourney, but I reall need help with how should I play there!

      All in all I think that this is beatable because there are some good players, but not many, and for the rake that I thought was high, it actually isn't considering the fact that you get pretty much any basic drink for free, some things to eat too... If I go out in the worst pub you can think of, I'd actually spend more than $3.5 for what I get there for free, which really surprised me - I didn't expect ANY quality of service for a tourney with such low buy in.

      I think I should also mention a very important thing - I'm not playing this thing with ANY sort of BRM. I kinda play it for fun, because I really enjoy it. My other important question is: Should I have a stop loss there? For example if I go again the next 3 weeks and don't manage to do much should I stop going, because I'm loosing money, should I take a brake and go again after some time, or should I minimize my losses by going once a month, just for the fun and count it as if I'm going to the movies?

      Thanks in advance to anyone who answers this! Expect an update with my set of goals for March soon!
    • aciddrop
      Joined: 08.10.2006 Posts: 1,519
      Hey Vic,

      Nice read. Very entertaining, and I wish you well. I think that as long as you enjoy the live poker game, and it is within your Real Life Entertainment Budget bankroll, just keep doing it. It would probably cost you more to go clubbing, so once a week can't hurt.

      The only live poker experience I have is Pub Poker, which is free entry tourneys, but full of people limping, donking, calling, with such a range of hands that you can never read anything much. People will call down with whatever cards they are holding, and not even know they have hit a backdoor straight until they are told. They have no idea why they are even in the hand. So all I can say is, enjoy, and learn from the experience, and you will eventually take a money position, even first.

      I like the idea of those Cake turbo sng. Half the rake, and an extra prizemoney place.

      Look forward to hearing more.
    • Dendra
      Joined: 28.01.2009 Posts: 479
      En taro Battlehunter :)

      Just wanted to post a quick comment before I go to bed :D

      Regarding live cash games - my opinion is that you're better off playing online poker than live if you want to get better&earn money. Why?

      1st of all online poker is a lot faster, you can multitable and learn a lot faster because you play more hands, you get into more tough spots, etc.

      people will also generally play poker, bad or good, either way it will have some rules - whereas live poker can be as acid said, ppl calling with hands they dont even know they have - pretty much like going on facebook and playing poker there :D there is not a p of poker in it :P

      This brings us to the second point - on internet you will learn about bet sizes, pot sizes, stack sizes, etc., in live play - do people even care? I'm talking about micro limits on both obviously :D

      I mean live games are fun but personally you should just play it for fun sometimes when you have extra $$ on hand, dont expect anything besides having a good time. Only later I guess you can "play for money" in live games but build your foundation online.

      As for SH/FR cash games - my advice would be to start with FR because you've got less problems to deal with. Your hand range is easier, your opponents hand range is also tighter, post-flop play will have tricky spots but once you get into those it's kinda easy - aka you just need to learn to fold your hands and that's about it :D

      Can't say I tried SH before, but basically what you do in FR is throw jabs - aka raise preflop, c-bet flop, take it down or fold to resistance, gg. In SH my guess would be that ppl will call you more often and you'll need to make more decisions post-flop - perhaps beating lowest limit FR before switching to SH would be good - anyway I'm a happy FR :f_p: so cant say much about SH :D

      P.S. Hasenbraten has great NL BSS videos in case you're looking for some, they're usually for bronze or silver rank and such, so they might help you out :)

      If you're a learning freak then hand evaluation corner on the forums can also be useful, last but not least - sweat sessions are awesome! :) Could be the most fun and best way to improve your game.
    • BattleHunter
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      Thanks for the replies. Actually yesterday I did my 1st "session" after my exam that came in Sunday. It was one hour long (SH) and I instantly remembered why I love SH - people do so many all-in bluffs that when I don't win my pots with aggression I win with a good call... Someone slow played AA on me and he was just asking for my set to hit... as it did ^_^

      I will seriously consider playing FR more often, but tbh I have more confidence in my SH play right now - on FR tables I just tighten up too much IMO, while in SH I already have a playing range that I'm comfortable with.

      But there are some major leaks - for example my 3bet is awful. I achieve nothing but from time to time get value for my AA KK... I should learn correct spots to 3bet light. Not to mention that I NEVER float (which is OK for micro stakes I guess), but I never 4bet either, which if done correctly should bring my No Showdown wins by a big bunch.

      Just a few questions - it seems that most of my losses are from the Button - the place where one is supposed to have the most winnings. PFR is 17.24, which seems reasonable (edit: NVM it just seems that I didnt have much luck on that spot. My biggest losses come from AA KK AK AJ, which are pretty damn good hands for button in SH ^_^)

      EDIT: I felt like playing a short session - less than one hour on 4 tables SH and it was very profitable, made close to 2BI. I'm already feeling good, since this brought my overall stats from this computer to positive. I will continue to study, because now I clearly realize that there is so much more to learn...

      Current bankroll - $68.15

      Last I will set my goals for march:

      *Play at least 20 000 hands that month on a +BB/100, 4 or 6 tabling, no reason to suck out on 10 again.

      *Have good control on tilt - right now it doesn't seem like a problem for me, but who knows what lady luck has coming for us ^^

      *Read all silver articles about BSS!

      *Re-watch videos for my stake - since there aren't many videos for NL4, I've pretty much seen them all, but I should re-watch most of them

      *Post hands - something I haven't done before because I didn't have a tracker tool. Now that I have it nothings stops me, so when doing my session reviews I should definitely post all questionable plays from my side.

      *Secondary goal - read some more about SnG and pick on more on the $1+0.20 and Turbo $1.15+0.10

      *Decide exactly what to do with this Monday tournament I really like, so that it doesn't hinder my finances (I'm a jobless last year high school student right now so pretty much anything hinders it ^_^)
    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      OK, time for some pictures ^_^

      I've never used stats, so here is what I'm thinking (tho it might be very wrong :P )

      - I'm playing SH pretty much with the stats of a FR TAG, which probably means I should open up my play a little bit - I should play a wider range at least from the button, if not from the CO as well. I often get in situations where I have AJ for example, I completely miss the flop but it looks good for a Cbet and I just take it like that or give up the hand. If I do same thing with pretty much ATC, I won't be able to hit at all, but I should be able to get a decent winrate.

      - For now with this smallish sample the position I've lost most money with is the Button. I should do something about it, bur I really don't know what T_T

      - My AF is sweet ^_^, tho I think it's possible only because no one can use stats here. Otherwise there would be no respect for my plays whatsoever, so I might want to learn how to control it a little better for when I move to another site

      That's pretty much what I figure from those stats. If anyone has anything to comment pls do so, because I have no experience whatsoever reviewing stats :/

      I think I should also mention that the hands I've lost most with (1,5BI both) are AKs and AJ. There might be a major leak in the way I play TPTK, so help with that would be great too :f_biggrin: .

      After a very short 3rd session for yesterday:
      Current Bankroll:$71.88

      A last note - the sample doesn't include my major upswing and my 10BI downswing that happened while I played from my last work's computer :P
    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      A quick update as tomorrow is march - last few days I pretty much rested and done some other stuff I like, as it'll be the 1st time I'll be pushing myself for a volume and I want to keep my A game up (even if the A game itself isn't much :P )

      I only played like less than 1000 hands from my last update, not much happened, 1st 400 hands I suffered a ton of bad beats (like a guy pays me off 3/4 pot bets to the reaver with bottom pair against my Aces up, just to pull a set), barely managed to mitigate them to - 2,x BI. But the next day lady luck was on my side and I managed to win everything back and pull myself a bit ahead again.

      What's really been bothering me is my AF. I don't really know how important it is, especially when I play in a site where HUDs are forbidden, but I've been swinging between 7 and 10 AF, which looks like quite a lot, considering the fact that an AF of 3 represents a fairly aggressive player.

      So anyway, expect weekly updates now as I go in challenge mode :evil:
    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      Hmm I'm just 1 day into my monthly challenge and I already feel I'm too easy on myself. It all seems too easy! :D

      Anyway, yesterday I played 2 small-ish sessions on 6 tables each and boy I think lady luck is testing my tilt control :f_confused:

      1st session I start with a bad beat, but eventually come out positive (session was short, 1h)

      2nd session was hell of a ride. I started with 2 bad beats in a row + a cooler

      Cake Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.04 BB (6 handed) - Cake-Poker Converter Tool from

      UTG ($9.82)
      MP ($5.40)
      CO ($8.99)
      Button ($4.10)
      Hero (SB) ($5.60)
      BB ($5.21)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with A, A
      UTG bets $0.14, 1 fold, CO calls $0.14, 1 fold, Hero raises to $0.48, 1 fold, UTG calls $0.34, CO calls $0.34

      Flop: ($1.48) 6, 5, 8 (3 players)
      Hero bets $1, UTG calls $1, CO calls $1

      Turn: ($4.48) J (3 players)
      Hero raises to $4.12 (All-In), UTG calls $4.12, 1 fold

      River: ($12.72) 9 (2 players, 1 all-in)

      Total pot: $12.72 | Rake: $0.84

      Results below:
      Hero had A, A (one pair, Aces).
      UTG had 9, 5 (two pair, nines and fives).
      Outcome: UTG won $11.88

      Cake Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.04 BB (6 handed) - Cake-Poker Converter Tool from

      MP ($13.36)
      CO ($4.27)
      Button ($5.30)
      SB ($4.48)
      Hero (BB) ($4.67)
      UTG ($4.24)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with 2, 6
      UTG calls $0.04, MP calls $0.04, 1 fold, Button calls $0.04, SB calls $0.02, Hero checks

      Flop: ($0.20) 6, 6, 4 (5 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $0.12, 1 fold, MP raises to $0.56, 2 folds, Hero raises to $1.52, MP raises to $2.48, Hero raises to $3.44, MP raises to $13.32 (All-In), Hero calls $1.19 (All-In)

      Turn: ($9.46) 3 (2 players, 2 all-in)

      River: ($9.46) 10 (2 players, 2 all-in)

      Total pot: $9.46 | Rake: $0.63

      Results below:
      Hero had 2, 6 (three of a kind, sixes).
      MP had 6, 5 (three of a kind, sixes).
      Outcome: MP won $8.83

      Checking my stats after the game, the fish that stacked me twice had VP$IP of 90% :D

      Anyway, the good thing is that I managed to keep my cool (most of you probably don't even care if they start a session with -3 BI, but it used to be a big deal for me). Instead of cursing that fish I was just like.. "I hope he wins from the others too, so I get more time to bust him... the bigger his stack is the more money I'll make". I kept saying that as he doubled twice through me. At some point he ended up with $20, but sadly someone else took his money and he left :/

      I'm proud with myself for not loosing it, as eventually in this 1k hands session I made everything back and even came ahead with a little bit.

      testing new image layout, click to see full ^^

      Scarry bad beat table full of fish :/

      1500 hands on the 1st day of March, a decent start :]

      I guess it's still early to talk about stats with that small of a sample, but what do you guys think? (I ask a lot of questions about stats, cuz I never used them before and because they are forbidden in Cake so I didn't even bother to study much about that topic)

      AF of 4.5 looks nice to me, considering it used to be above 7

      VPIP14.6 / PFR 12.5 - I guess it's OK, but too nitty for SH. Those stats look normal for a FR TAG, but I'm playing SH, so I guess I should steal more blinds and defend my blinds more often

      Current BR: $77.67

      P.S. It's a little early, but here is my progress on the March challenges:

      *Play at least 20 000 hands that month on a +BB/100, 4 or 6 tabling, no reason to suck out on 10 again. 1,500 of 20,000

      *Have good control on tilt - right now it doesn't seem like a problem for me, but who knows what lady luck has coming for us ^^ so far so good

      *Read all silver articles about BSS! excluding the HU ones, (10/28), so great

      *Re-watch videos for my stake - since there aren't many videos for NL4, I've pretty much seen them all, but I should re-watch most of them watched 4 so far, so I'm good here as well

      *Post hands - something I haven't done before because I didn't have a tracker tool. Now that I have it nothings stops me, so when doing my session reviews I should definitely post all questionable plays from my side. BAD, must start posting them hands :'p

      *Secondary goal - read some more about SnG and pick on more on the $1+0.20 and Turbo $1.15+0.10 secondary goal stays secondary so far

      *Decide exactly what to do with this Monday tournament I really like, so that it doesn't hinder my finances (I'm a jobless last year high school student right now so pretty much anything hinders it ^_^)totally forgot about it this week, probably going to go next and see how it goes. I think I'll be playing once a month, but I still have room to decide
    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      My mind simply could not understand the reasoning about his allin call. I mean I'd understand if he was trying to bluff me, but there is kinda no fold equity in calling an allin :f_biggrin:

      After this hand I virtually lol-ed in my chair :D

      Cake Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.04 BB (6 handed) - Cake-Poker Converter Tool from

      Button ($3.94)
      SB ($3.05)
      BB ($8.76)
      UTG ($6.54)
      Hero (MP) ($4)
      CO ($1.83)

      Preflop: Hero is MP with A, 10
      UTG calls $0.04, Hero bets $0.20, CO calls $0.20, Button calls $0.20, 2 folds, UTG calls $0.16

      Flop: ($0.86) 4, 2, 3 (4 players)
      UTG checks, Hero bets $0.64, 2 folds, UTG raises to $1.28, Hero raises to $3.80 (All-In), UTG calls $1.88

      Turn: ($7.18) Q (2 players, 1 all-in)

      River: ($7.18) Q (2 players, 1 all-in)

      Total pot: $7.18

      UTG had [Qd 7d] (three of a kind, Queens).
      Outcome: UTG won $7.90

      Anyway, i'm doing great, watched some more vids, Bankroll is $80 and I have $6 rakeback coming + very close to another $10 release ^_^, I might go up to 6NL soon (yes there is 6NL in cake lol)
    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      Okee removing noobland, because I think I'm actually playing good (for 4nl player :f_biggrin: )

      Last few days were good, despite me not winning that much (especially yesterday). I didn't read many articles, but I did watch 3-4 videos and even did a sweat session with a friend of mine so I'm still improving :)

      I also think I'm getting better and better tilt resistances; look @ my graph from yesterday ^^

      Looks like I only drop 3BI, but actually everywhere you see a big drop of the blue line it's a bad beat or cooler - like KK3 board I'm with AK, turn gives the other guy a full house with like K5o -_-

      I got hit by all kind of stuff today, mainly 9 out flushes, 4 out gutshots, 2 out sets, even a 1 outer chased me off a turned full house (Hero holds K9s from the BU, flop comes 229, I feel ahead, cbet, get called, turn comes 9 so I flop the nuts, pot bet, get called, river comes 2 for villain to show 2 and beat my 9s full with quads ^^)

      Soooo I've no idea what kept me playing yesterday, but I did a 3 hour 6table SH session (which is a lot for me, I usually try to do 2 sessions of 2 hours each), but for some reason not sleeping the day before helped me :D

      In this session I ended up generating 1BI in rakeback and unlocking $10 from the bonus (pff still have 80 to go and only till the end of march!! I'm nowhere near :/) so despite all the bad beats that made me wina $1 :f_biggrin: I actually increased my BR by quite a bunch :P

      I should also talk about 3rd of march. I palyed around 1500 hands then too. I was on fire back then

      I just kept getting good cards all day long! At some point I felt like a maniac, because I would get to be pre flop raiser like 5 times in a row in a table and always with a hand! Like AK UTG, then AJ from MP3, then JJ from CO, then AA from BU... wtff I never played so many hands!
      It resulted in a few small beats (mainly because like no one respected my raises, but I kept cbetting so I can eventually get more value for my made hands), but getting such good hands preflop eventually gave me too much of an edge :f_cool:

      I actually want to say how many good hands I got in those 1500 played ;P

      AA - 11 (+$13.42)
      AK - 19 (-$2.27)
      AQ - 24 (+$2.36)
      AJ - 15 (+$4.85)
      AT - 24 (-$5.80)
      KK - 8 (+$4.51)
      KQ - 20 (-$0.77)
      QQ - 9 (+$5.09)
      JJ - 9 (+$9.37)
      TT - 5 (-$1.40)

      Oke, enough of the daily stuff :P
      I actually see a cool trend in my play as of lately - the red line is actually positive! I have NO idea what that means, but it makes me happy :P

      I think I improved 2 things in my game, that made that happen and because of those things I get quite a lot more bb/100 than before:

      1) I used to be scare to raise marginal hands from CO and BU if there is a limper or two in already. Hands like KJ, QT, 78s... I used to limp suited when there were limpers and fold the other marginals.
      Well guess what? Limpers limp because they either have a very small pair or suited connector or air but want to see flop (doh... but I didn't really think about it before...) when I make a good isolation raise I now find that either everyone folds, allowing me to collect more dead money than I used to before, or 1 calls and folds his air to cbet. I guess that's poker ABC, but I was too dumb to do it before X(

      2) Fighting for unraised pots. Now I heard about that concept from one of the free dc vids and I actually got to like it a lot. They really encouraged me to fight for those pots, because as they said (and it turned out to be true ^^) one should pretty much always fight for those pots with ATC, because the same way you don't hit, they might not hit either.
      So now I either raise close to 2/3 pot (like .08 in .12 or .10 in .16) on the flop if I'm last to act or if there is only one person left to act after me, or I check the flop if i'm 1st and considering there is usually no aggression I open raise on pretty much ANY turn, unless it gets VERY scary, but that's quite rare.
      In the end you only need to win 1 out of 2 times to be +1BB, and you usually get AT LEAST 2 wins from 3 times, which sets you up to +4BB from such an easy thing! And guess what. If you win 1 out of 3 you're only -1BB...

      So if any other newbies like me are reading this blog, try this out! I promise at least 1bb/100 increase in your winnings ^^ for me it's much more :P

      I'll wrap this up with a cool story from a table I played yesterday. There was a fish.. not just any fish, but a fish that got ALL his hate against me(for me rivering a set against him, where I cbet, he calls with 2 pair, check-check turn, pot bet river from me, allin from him gg to his 2 pair ^^), so whenever I was to raise, he reraised ATC. This was my best experience in poker so far ever! At first it took me some time to adjust my range a bit, but when I started calling his shoves with 2nd best pair, and see him turn 86o I was just laughing irl :D Of course that led to 2 bad beats cause by him, but for those 2 half stacks he got from me, I got 4 full stacks from hum :f_biggrin:

      And of course my graph from march so far:

      I think 20k hands for a month is a joke even if I don't play much -_- but lets just keep my challenge that way, and see how many hands can I actually make ^^

      Besides poker I'm doing really shitty IRL right now. I didn't go to school the whole week (yea, that's why I'm up so early on a Friday - I woke up like 2 hours before school just so that I have enough time to not say again.. hmm it's too early.. I want to sleep... X( ) I also missed the last 3 or 4 classes in CISCO which really sucks because I'm paying for it. I have good excuse for 2, being very sick the whole week, but the other 2 - I just overslept or forgot I have it... No idea how will I catch up with the group.
      I also fucked up with my exercises - I promised myself I will complete a 2 month program that ONLY featured like 1 hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday... Why am I so fucking lazy?

      I also have very important exams this year, because if I want to attend university I have to take 2 graduating exams at the end of the year (Bulgarian language and English or Maths) + another exam for the university I want to attend (one is 100 questions, 10 questions from 10 topics and the other university is a B+ English IIRC), and I haven't been studying AT ALL the last two weeks :f_mad:

      How do I expect to improve as a poker player if I can't even deal with such easy life stuff? I think I will actually make a new long-ish term challenge:

      Until my exams are over I have to spend as much time studying as I spend playing poker and that should be no less than 2 hours every day!!!

      I really hope I succeed with that, so wish me luck guys!
      Off to school now.

      Love you, Vic
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      Okee time for a small update.

      First of all I decided to change the format of my blog a little bit. Right now it looks boring... come on, it bores me to read my own writings, how can possibly anyone else enjoy it :P

      That's mainly because being the newbie I am, especially since I got PT3, I got "in love" with the graphs and stats and all, and ended up flooding every post with those!

      So from now on I'll do my best to write in a more enjoyable fashion with a lot less graphs and boring stuff :f_cool:

      And now the update:
      The 1st week of march is being sweet to me so far :] I just went out of a small downswing and to be honest I really needed one, because it motivated me to improve my play and I improved a huge leak. Well it wasn't really a leak but brought A TON of variance into my game and that's rather unneeded in the sea of variance that micro stakes are :f_p: I also fixed some other aspects of my game, mainly 3betting and playing in 3bet pots.
      (ofc I still don't know how to play AT/AJ/AQ :P :f_mad: )

      The best thing is that I think I manage my tilt pretty well. Ofc I'm disappointed when I loose a BI or 2 against a fish that rivers me, but I take those rather light and they actually motivate me more to take his stack :D

      The hands that can really put me on tilt are the ones that I play bad. For example in the middle of my downswing I went allin 220bb deep with a straight that was only loosing to 1 hand and my opponent had that hand. Thinking back I could easily avoid loosing all my money, and mitigating the loss to around 100bb which would still have sucked, but would've ben better :O

      So basically I don't really tilt, but beat myself (only mentally :tongue: ) for playing bad. This makes me very angry and I guess I should always stop immediately after such a hand and let my head cool off. The problem is that I'm just not good enough in some spots to avoid playing a hand that looks extremely good (mainly a problem when playing straights and flushes :P ). But this really motivates me (when not playing a session) to learn and become a better player :s_grin:

      Oke, being the boring person I am I guess I'm bound to put some numbers:

      • BR peaked $140, fell to $110 and right now is $132
      • from 03/03/2010 till today (09/03/2010) I have played close to 11 000 - doubling my overall volume without this week
      • I've generated around $22 rakeback and am close to releasing the 3rd $10 (sadly I won't get the whole bonus unless I get to NL10 soon and get a decent volume there, but I don't deserve it anyway, I was extremely inconsistent the first 2 months)

      • I get more and more notes for people shoving A3o-ish hands against steal raise, or against early bet + call, so I expect that to pay off any time now :s_biggrin:

      On the real life perspective everything turned out cool. I'm just about to head out and do my exercises;
      CISCO turned out to be paused so basically I only missed one class :D
      I actually study now. The only day I give myself free reign is Friday afternoon and evening/night. That's the day I can play infinite poker :P Party, go out with friends and what not. Every other day I study enough so I hope I manage to pass my exams this year (why did I have to pick my most important school year to learn poker :/) but I think for now I'm doing great.

      Hmm I should go to study now :P
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      Quick update - bad things happening at life :P

      In order to graduate from my school with a title "Software Engineer" I have to not only pass everything, but make a certain assignment I've been given. In my case I have to write a cool browser text based MMO :f_biggrin:

      I did quite some work at the beginning of the year, saw that I'm close to completing it and left it, thinking I have a ton of time... Until yesterday when they said that the deadline is 20th of March and not the end of April :f_mad:

      So right now I'm doing all sorts of finishing work, not to mention I haven't even started the design or the documentation...

      Anyway what that means is I won't be playing poker in the upcoming days. I was really inspired to clear as much from the bonus as I can, but I guess I'll have to settle with only cleaning 40$ from it (currently cleaned 30$ and will clean another 10 after 20th of march in a week grinding 10k hands NL4... hell it's slow)

      So I will keep my poker goals for march and see how I manage with them, but who knows what will happen :/ Stupid school, always getting in my way to the millions :/

      Current bankroll: $149.21
      2 points away from actually clearing another $10

      Looks like it improved but I'm still in the downswing/cooler cycle, so I'm actually loosing a bit here and there, but 21$ rakeback came to save the day (wow rakeback winz you 5BI in a week.. sweet :f_love: ). I should stop value betting the river lol

      Theme of the day:

      It's the Rise and Fall
      The prize for all
      That ain't nice at all
      Luck is like a ball
      You can't recall or care at all
      So better use your brain!
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      Okeee small progress from last post

      I played 2 very short sessions (less than 1h) and through some bad beats and coolers managed to drop 2bi, but clearing the $10 bonus kept me in the greens. I was very mad at myself, because I made my 1st real tilty/desperation/dumb move since I found my formula to not tilt ;(

      What happened was that a big fish called my KK with TT all the way to the river, where T came and he stacked me; afterwards he busted my flopped set with backdoor flush. The 3rd time he check/min-raises me on a 89K rainbow board and I decide to go AI with T9s, with mid pair and backdoor straight, backdoor flush draws. Ofc he had AK here and I wasn't as lucky as him, but anyway, lesson learned; I hope that makes me stick to not tilting and not hoping that if a fish is lucky against me I'll be lucky against him too :f_p:

      So after those 2 hellish sessions I find myself around $146 (played some SnGs too, because I opened a MTT freeroll and would have been too bored, but didn't want to play cash games) I decide to forget poker for a bit and focus on my studies (COME ON.. ONLY 3 months left... I can do it!!!), but recently I can't get ANY good sleep.


      I've been working on my graduating project at such times, but right now I feel tilted about it because there is a bug that I can't find :P so I was like.. what the hell lets make a proper poker session.

      2 hours later (e.g. right now)... bankroll is up to $170!!!

      Feel free to comment on any of these hands played tonight:

      nl4 SH - flopped trips, looking for value
      nl4 SH - turning a blunder into value
      nl4 SH - BU vs. CO, call with AJs?
      nl4 SH - JJ, 1 overcard flop vs. big fish
      nl4 FR - SB vs. limped BU
      nl4 FR - JJ utg, 3way flop

      As some of you might have noticed, there are FR hands mixed in!!! Since there weren't enough SH tables around I joined pretty much all SH tables that didn't have more than one SSer (turned out to be 4 of those :P ) and decided to just open 2 FR tables for the kicks of it. To be honest I feel quite good about it! FR tables opened alongside SH ones have quite some advantages:

      1) They take less focus (at least on the micro limits where you don't need fancy moves to be profitable)
      2) my cbets work more often, and when they don't work I'm usually beat, unlike SH where a lot of people are floating on the flop
      3) because of 1 and 2, if my standard setup is to play 6SH tables, playing 4SH, 2 FR feels like a piece of cake ;) I feel I can go up to 4sh 4fr tables and probably be at the same pace as my 6sh ones!

      ugly image I know, but I felt I should post something to make my question look more "dramatic" :р

      Now what I want to ask some more experienced people out there is: can this be profitable in the long run? (as in climbing up the limits, it's obviously profitable on the micros :f_biggrin: )
      Because right now it feels really good, but I'm sure some of you have tried this and can say how it went from personal experience.

      In conclusion I will NOT post my progress on the March goals, so your curiosity leads you to checking my blog again on the 1st of April (hmmmm :D )

      Theme of the day:
      When you feel weak
      When you feel small
      I tell you there's a beast
      Inside you yet unknown

      When times get rough
      And you're being played
      You ain't gonna flinch
      Or run away, cry like a babe

      * * *
      Well you can do it
      There's nothing to it
      When all others turn their backs on you
      There is still yourself to prove it to

      Love you all,
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      Okee time for another update :P

      I decided to pull an all nighter last night and finish my graduation project. Eventually I did a ton of work and decided to reward myself with some pokah, since it's weekend fish time :D

      And... it was a complete disaster. Started right off the bat with -6 bi, all my AAs and KKs got cracked, my QQs ran into better pockets (even lost QQ to Q6 :tongue: ), my two pair were always against top pair that rivered a better two pair... you know the story

      I just want to end my short brag with 3 stats from last night's 1200-ish hands:

      AA (dealt 5 times) - Amount Won: -$1.05
      KK (dealt 5 times) - Amount Won: -$8.58
      AQ (dealt 3 times on Q hi board) - Amount Won: -$5.56

      Sooo kind of stupid and pointless to brag about bad luck in a poker forum, but come on, we all feel better after we do it :f_biggrin:

      I've noticed one strange tendency though - KK is the hand I've lost most money with. Either I'm extremely unlucky with it (might be true, sample is about 20k hands) or there is a major leak in the way I play it (more probable). I'll do my best to find someone either on my stakes or 1-2 stakes higher and show him some of my post-flop KK plays to see a different opinion.

      I don't want to end the short update negatively, so let's post some good things that happened today:

      1) I didn't tilt when time and time again my premium hands got busted by hands I dominate
      2) I overcame the initial ownage I received and managed to mitigate it to only -4bi ^^
      3) I got motivated to study even more, because I'm obviously not crushing nl4 right now and that means I'M A NEWB :P
      4) I'm getting closer to completing both my IRL goals and my Poker goals - AWESOME :D

      and most importantly - I didn't let poker beatings influence my emotions. I obvioulsy don't feel good dropping 4bi and watching my $ graph bouncing back and forth, always staying close to 150$, but right now I feel happy and am even laughing about the bad plays ppl in Cake make (@4nl)

      I'll end this short update with the theme song I have for today:

      :f_grin: can't stop me :f_grin:

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      Sooo big news :D

      I took a shot at 2 tabling nl10 SH a couple of days ago and... I RAN HOT ^_^

      In the course of 99 hands (like 40min session before school that day) I managed to take off 2,5 bi from the same guy :P I bet he was really pissed, but what can I say - he tried to 4bet shove over my QQ with his JTo. I also managed to bad beat him once, but in my defense I had the better hand preflop and had my TPTK on the flop. He turned me with a 9 outer and I rivered him with a 7 outer :f_biggrin:

      To be honest I didn't play any more nl10 SH than this. It felt really scarry :O There aren't many tables as it is, and all of them are full with regs.

      Any advice how to overcome this without loosing my monyez would be appreciated :f_grin:

      Besides that, I've been learning FR play. I'm still a big fish there, but for some reason I find playing nl10 FR easier than nl4 SH, so right now I'm mixing it up, opening 2-3 nl10 FR tables and 4-5 nl4 FR. I'm doing moderately good with that, managed to stack myself against AA with AK on a Khi board this morning, but I'm just wrapping up another 1h session and I've made everything back. Needz moar study :P

      I have a big announcement to make tho. After 4th of April (the day my 100$ bonus expires) I won't be playing any poker till mid July :f_frown: I have some very important exams to attend and I want to get my head totally off poker. I might still read some stuff here and there, but I won't be playing. I will withdraw everything I make by then.

      On the bright side I will have the thought of total freedom in my horizon afterwards. Since if I manage to get in the uni I want I will have A TON of free time, especially in the 1st year, after those 3-ish months I will dedicate much more time to poker, and hopefully manage to evolve in the poker player I want to be :f_cool:

      ...and then I'll be like

      Still an update or two to go before going away, so don't count me out yet!
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      Just played my first "big" (at least for meh :D ) set of MTTs1k GTD(27/450), 1.5k GTD(40ish/497) and 5k GTD(out/300ish) R&A

      Well... after hours of staring at 3 tables the end result is like +3$ :O For some reason I was left with the impression that one could actually win some decent money when he gets far in a MTT, but as it turns out, even reaching the final table is nothing.. you have to be top3-4 for your time to be worth it.

      I learned a valuable lesson today - stick with my cash games :] unless I'm extremely bored, no reason to play MTT. Or hmmm maybe I could play MTTs while watching a movie or two? Will figure something out :P

      Besides that little experiment that ended up just loosing my time, lately I'm getting a lot better in FR games! As they require so much less attention than SH ones my standard right now is to play 10 FR tables - usually 7-8 nl4 and 3-2 nl10 ones.

      I'm like really close to unlocking another 10$ from the bonus, bringing it to a total of 40; Since bonus expires at 4th of april, I think I'll be doing a monster session soon to see what I can do. As I'm really close to the point when I'll not play poker for 2-3 months, a good ~10 hours of playing in one day will be a nice way to say goodbye :f_cool:
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      Time to review my goals from last month!

      *Play at least 20 000 hands that month on a +BB/100, 4 or 6 tabling, no reason to suck out on 10 again.[/CENTER]

      20 095 hands on NL4 [3.36bb/100]; 1342 hands nl10 [29.85bb/100]; Around 200 PLO hands for +1,5bi
      To be honest I've achieved what I wanted, but I'm really NOT happy with this small win rate. Sure I play in cake where the rake on the lower limits is monstrous, and half of my winnings come through the 33% rakeback, but still... only 3.36bb/100? Most people beat nl4 with 20bb/100 on a constant basis. I think I'll have a long way to go studying again when I start playing more poker after my exams.
      Lesson for myself in 2 months: Study hard! Don't go AI with marginal TPGK-ish hands, the fish throws away it's money as is, no need to stimulate!

      *Have good control on tilt - right now it doesn't seem like a problem for me, but who knows what lady luck has coming for us ^^

      To be honest I don't really have a good measure for this, but I feel I didn't throw tilt money away
      Generally I played really short sessions, so there wasn't much room for tilt, but if I was to loose a few BIs and feel bad about it I would stop for a bit, think it over, realize it's ok and it doesn't matter that much and continue
      Lesson for myself in 2 months: Absolutely no reason to tilt! Nothing good ever comes out of it. Sitting out a few hands before BB comes back to you costs you less than 0.06 per table while it can save you a full BI!

      *Read all silver articles about BSS!

      not much to add here :P
      Lesson for myself in 2 months:Study study study! Strange situations will often happen and it's always better to know what to do when they occur!

      *Re-watch videos for my stake - since there aren't many videos for NL4, I've pretty much seen them all, but I should re-watch most of them

      I watched all videos for nl4-5 + some nl10 and nl25 ones so another success here
      Watching different players' play styles in action is always helpful. Sadly there aren't many bottom micro stakes videos (as obviously they aren't needed as much here) but I feel that the higher I go, the more important that learning aspect will become.
      Lesson for myself in 2 months:Listen to hasenbraten :D

      *Post hands - something I haven't done before because I didn't have a tracker tool. Now that I have it nothings stops me, so when doing my session reviews I should definitely post all questionable plays from my side.

      I count this as a success, because even tho I didn't post that many hands, I did post ALL hands that seemed strange / difficult for me. The bigger part of "strange" hands that I didn't post I reviewed either myself or with a friend of mine playing same stakes and I figured the correct line without the need of posting here
      Lesson for myself in 2 months:Always do session reviews! Cannot anticipate enough on how important this is for a poker player in order to go forward instead of backwards!

      *Secondary goal - read some more about SnG and pick on more on the $1+0.20 and Turbo $1.15+0.10

      Played a few tourneys and am +$ from them; studied some of the articles and understood the concept of ICM (obviously not as good as SnG grinders, but still...). I even played 3 MTTs and even tho I didn't cash anything big, I managed to be ITM in 2 of them :)
      Lesson for myself in 2 months:MTTs are boring! Only play if you're about to watch a movie! SnGs are fun sometimes, but need to be grinded just like cash games for a profit to show - don't waste too much time on those unless you want to switch over as you have bigger edge in CGs

      *Decide exactly what to do with this Monday tournament I really like, so that it doesn't hinder my finances (I'm a jobless last year high school student right now so pretty much anything hinders it ^_^)

      I simply decided to not go there unless I've nothing better to do and have spare 25bgl. I'm not much of a SnG player and even tho I'm probably better than most people out there, the edge isn't bigger enough to compensate the fact that it's only once a week and they play what? 30 hands an hour?

      Wooow I didn't think I'll actually make it on all fronts :f_biggrin: Even tho my goals were quite small, I'm very proud for not slacking and achieving them. Step by step I can always add up, because now I know the most important thing ever - I can trust MYSELF! With that knowledge there is nothing that can stand in my way!

      When you feel weak
      When you feel small
      I tell you theres a beast inside you yet unknown
      When times get rough
      And you're being played
      (You) y' ain't gonna flinch or run away cry like a babe

      I say that you'd be so surprised seeing what is in for you
      If after all you'd still deny it theres nothing I can do
      listen up...
      come along...

      Well you can do it
      There's nothing to it
      When all others turn their backs on you
      There is still yourself to prove it to that

      You can do it
      There's nothing to it
      If the whole damn world abandoned you
      You're the only one worth listening to

      So, come one come on come on...
      come on come on
      Get on...

      Now look at you
      Wearing a crown
      Having achieved now all your dreams in just one go
      What did I say?
      You got it made
      Still pondering on the spiteful things of long ago?
      I said that you'd be so surprised seeing what is in for you
      Now after all that has been done you know what you can do
      listen up...
      come along...
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      Probably the last update for now :/

      It's been quite a journey in the past few months and I'm really grateful to Poker Strategy for the presented opportunity!

      Thinking back I'm kind of sad that I didn't pick poker more seriously at the first 2 months - I read some articles here and there and was playing 2 tables for like 30 min to an hour on an odd day. Come to think of it, I only played 1 week of poker properly, making around 12k hands in that week with a profit of 4bi + another 5bi worth of rakeback which was awesome :) But besides that week I'm really not happy with how life was preventing me from playing properly

      Nonetheless I had a really good time and poker did consume all the time I was wasting with other crappy games anyway :P

      Yesterday I played some tournaments to end it up with and ofc lady luck had a harsh farewell gift cracking my KK on 588 board against 66, cracking my AA with 78s and giving a guy that shoved 5hands in a row in the HU part of one SnG JJ against my AK and letting him hold :P

      I even played 1 Omaha Hi/Lo micro tourney. It lasted exactly 1 hand, where I lost a 3way pot with 26 outs on the turn if I count correctly:

      Converted by Myself:P

      Gold Chip Lover FR SnG PLO/8 Tournament

      Dealt to Hero 2:diamond: 2:club: 7:club: 3:diamond:

      UTG calls 20, UTG + 1 folds, UTG + 2 calls 20, MP1 calls 20, MP2 calls 20, MP3 calls 20, CO folds, Hero (BU) calls 20, SB calls 10, BB check

      4:club: T:club: A:diamond:

      UTG checks, UTG + 2 bets 160, MP1 calls 160, MP2 folds, MP3 raises to 800, Hero raises to 1480 (All-in), UTG folds, UTG + 2 folds, MP1 calls 1320 (All-in), MP3 calls 680 (All-in)

      4:club: T:club: A:diamond: J:diamond:

      4:club: T:club: A:diamond: J:diamond: 9:spade:

      MP1 shows T:spade: K:heart: Q:spade: 4:heart:
      MP3 shows 8:diamond: 5:spade: A:club: 7:heart:

      Counting the outs on the flop I had:
      9 outs for Flush
      2x-2, 2x-3, 3x-5, 3x-6, 2x-7, 3x-8 = 15 separate non-flush outs for best Lo hand. On the turn I improve with another 9outs for 2nd flush draw (ofc stacking with some of my Lo outs, but still increasing overall outs to at least get money from the pot), so basically I had as monstrous as a draw can get in Lo. Pls someone correct me if I'm wrong, I've never played Omaha Hi-Lo before and that was actually my 1st and last hand (for now) in this game :D

      I guess I can let my inner graph hungry self post some now ^^

      Overall graph

      I should mention that it doesn't include some hands I played while I was working in that cyber cafe (read 1st post for reference), where I had a huge upswing and downswing afterwards.

      This also includes the huge heater I had in nl10, where only in less than 1400 hands I made a 4bi profit :f_cool:

      Some stats:
      out of those hands above, 23 400 were played on nl4 SH tables, where I had:
      VPIP: 18.2
      PFR: 15.1
      3bet%: 4.9
      4Bet range: 2.0
      Sqz%: 3.4
      WTSD%: 26.4
      W$SD$: 46.2
      W%WSF: 43.5
      AF: 3.98
      Agg%: 39.7
      Flop CBet%: 85.2 (lol huge leak?)
      Flop CBet% Success: 47.1 (guess not for micros :] )

      In the end I wrap up with a bankroll of:
      $50 from + $40 from starting bonus that I managed to grind with my inconsistent play = $115 made by myself ^__^

      Sadly I can't withdraw as I was planning (not to spend, just to make myself not play poker), but I need at least 1000 cake FPPs in order to cashout and from my calculations I should have around 680. But to be honest I'm not sad from that fact - it's even better as it will be another challenge for my patience and determination to have my bankroll right in front of me and actually force myself to not play despite the fact that I really miss playing poker even now - less than a day after I stopped.

      But I HAVE to do this step in order to get into a decent university (I only permit myself to play in one or two of the upcoming 20k freerols :D ). But after that... Ooohh after that.. 1st I'll have the rest of the summer totally free for 60k/month hands kind of goals and then I'll be in freshman year where I won't have to study much (with my specialized high school background I know pretty much everything they will be teaching us in the 1st year @ uni)

      I'll be returning either on 6th of June or 18th of July (depends if I'm able to get a decent score on the preliminary exams). Expect me to switch entirely to nl10 soon after I come back and when I leave cake, to take shots at nl25 with the first deposit bonus that will boost my BR :s_cool:

      Till then I hope my blog is helpful to some newcomers or allowed some of the old sharks to remember what it was like in the beginning; good luck on the tables, have fun and enjoy life as much as you can!

      Signing out, Victor
    • BattleHunter
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      As promised, I'm BACK IN BLACK, yea baby ^__^

      Tomorrow is my last exam evah, but I got a good result on the preliminary (all stacked, I have a score of 678 and last year the worst result to enter was like 530), I also successfully defended my graduation project with an excellent score, also passed the other theoretical exam ^^

      Poker-wise I actually started playing at the beginning of this month and boy what a ride it was. I've actually experienced my 2nd ever real downswing, but this time it felt as if I'm totally powerless - I would get it in on the turn with a flush, only to see a set improve to FG. I would c/r a turned straight, only for a two pair to river me. And the worst? It happened just when I decided to move up limits. Right now I think I'm running like 7,5bi below EV on nl10, so I was forced to drop down to nl4, but you know what? Screw variance! I'm loosing right now, but hey, nothing is stopping me from improving and playing more!

      At least it happened after a heater :rolleyes:

      On another bright note - I managed to grind out my needed points to cash-out, so right now I'm looking for a new room to go to. Don't get me wrong, cake is a good site, fairly fishy with awesome traffic on nl10, it's just that I bought HEM to follow my progress and kinda want to actually use it for more than just this :D So if anyone has any suggestions for a good vip/rakeback system (and bearable soft, although I'll only be playing between 4 and 9 tables) I'm more than willing to hear him out :P I wanted to go to pokerstars as I hear they have decent vip system and lowest rake for micros, but as I already have an account I can't link it to pokerstrategy.

      I kept studying and playing the last 18-ish days, so I've improved my game a lot. I opened my range quite a bit from the BU and CO and it feels good :D

      Ok, let's talk about some srs business now =)

      I'm playing around with my 3bet range right now - before it was almost nuted, which is good for a total beginner, but even though I know I still have A LOT to learn, I feel I'm capable of working around with a wider range. So here is my current "strategy"

      I 3bet with the range of 56s+, A2s-A5s and QQ+/AK, with the exceptions that I tend to 3bet more for value and less for bluff against UTG and I will 3bet this whole range against steal from the blinds (unless BU/CO are extreme nits that don't even steal).

      For now this is working fine and dandy, but it brings me even more troubles, when playing with the so called Good range, but not good enough to shove pre (on this limit), ofc I'm talking about TT,JJ, AJ, AQ. For some time I tried playing around with the idea from TwiceTs nl10 vid, where he calls with this kind of "good" aces from the blinds, to allow his opponents to make mistakes and overvalue weaker aces and pairs. The problem is that when you don't hit you have to fold to a normal cbet, where he probably didn't hit anything, but you have a hard time continuing as well. I tried to float dry boards and steal on the turn, but I might be leveling myself a bit too much... some help with how to play this kind of hands both IN and OUT of position will be most welcome!
      Maybe 3bet with them as well to not have my range polarized (even tho it probably doesn't matter to my nl10 regs) but fold to a 4bet?

      Aaaanyway, expect to see a lot of me, as I'm back for good :]

      I hit the sack
      Ive been too long Im glad to be back [i bet you know im...]
      Yes, I'll let loose
      From those BUs
    • BattleHunter
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      Oke, short update

      Not much poker the last few days (Sonisphere festival over here, 2 days of Antrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Stone Sour, Alice in Chains, Manowar, Rammstein :] ) but I did manage to boost my bankroll a bit before that.

      So yesterday I cashed out 240$ from my cake account (left like less than 5$ there). Just received them on my mb account some hours ago and I'm planning on depositing to BetFair and signing for the 500$ bonus (the 50$ one is too small :rolleyes: and the 1500$ one seems rather unreachable right now). I love their promotions and people tend to say that the opponents are weak there, so I'm ready to jump straight to nl10, just after I get used to playing with HUD ^^

      P.S. I'll have to come up with a new name for this blog ^^