first MTT won(almost win)

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      Hello Leito909,
      Congratulations on your finish in tournament #242039221! You agreed to a deal at the final table to adjust the payouts as follows:
      Player Official Payout New Payout
      Leito909 USD 410.94 USD 489.88
      Lukas@bet USD 571.06 USD 492.12
      When the tournament ended, you were automatically credited with the official place 2 payout of USD 410.94.
      The difference between this amount and the amount to which you agreed in the deal is USD 78.94, and this amount has been credited to your account. You will find this transaction in the cashier history at this time.
      Good luck in your next event, and thank you for your participation.
      Best Regards,
      PokerStars Support Team


      its amazing i just started playing omaha so i won't get bored from too much holdem so i'll switch them around and then i got this :D sweet!
      i dont have congratulary(<--can't spell that word) emails so posted this
      pretty good that made a deal cuz next hand i had a decent hand and went all in and he got luky!

      This also means i got to a 4 digit bankroll!! $1000 baby!! think i will cashout some and buy a dishwasher for my wife haha :p

      And Thanks pokerstrategy!!!(not that i listen to any of the articles...i play like a maniac(with feel) haha

      Anyway..Great Website!!! Very helpful members too!!
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