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need opinions about sattelites to sunday millions on stars - worth for bankroll building?

    • i1nt2b3
      Joined: 23.11.2008 Posts: 19
      i would like opinions advices from you people, is this idea worth the time/money to pursuit:

      the idea is to play satellites to the sunday million on stars:

      sit n go: 216 man 2.20$ turbo triple shootout (two places paid)

      if won, unregister from the tourney and use the tournament dollars
      for further satelites and other mtt/sintgo to build the bankroll.

      what roi% is achievable in these tourneys?
      i am thinkin to win a ticket one out of 60 toruneys - am i out of my mind and expect too much? is this doable and worth the time? or better play normal sitngoes or small cash games? appreciate your suggestions.

      all the best i1nt2b3
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    • Moonwolf52000
      Joined: 22.02.2009 Posts: 58
      can it be done, probably ? those are 6 man table so it depends on how good you are in 6 max sng.

      as for being a bankroll builder.. I'm not sure it's a good idea since you would go on long period of time before cashing one of them.

      to break even you need to win 1 out of 90 so it is doable if your halfway decent in 6 max.

      the question you need to ask yourself is can I live with the fact that I'll have 50bi downswing on a regular basis ? if you can live with that then go right ahead if not well do it once in awhile