Where is the raisebutton?

    • Einsteinbrain
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      I was playing a sng on partypoker when i encountered the next situation

      I player in front of me limped,

      I raised him

      A player behind me pushed all-in

      The limper called the push and still had some chips left

      I also had more chips than the pusher so i wanted to raise again to get all the chips in the middle preflop.


      There was no raisebutton, i could only call (or fold).

      So i after he checked the flop, i pushed and he folded. But that's not the important part.

      Am i missing some pokerrule, in wich case this is a very embarrasing post, but i don't think so.
      Or is this a bug. And did someone had this before?
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    • Renmerb
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      This occurs when the all-in came from a player who did not have enough chips to make a min raise. As he didn't make a correct raise it is counted as a sort of call, and thus you can not re-raise in this situation.

      Does this make sense in your situation Einstein? You don't mention any stack sizes.

      I think this is correct, but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I play cash, and don't come across this situation very often.
    • Einsteinbrain
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      I know it was better to post the hand, but the hand history is on a different os and i can't (don't want) to restart my computer right now, so i will take a look later. But it indeed makes sense to me.

      Thank you for the explenation
    • Einsteinbrain
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      Idd, he had like 50 chips less for minraising.

      :) I learned something new today.
    • mexia
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      I nave never encountered such a thing while playing sng.