What are the odds...

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      of AK, AK, and AA being dealt in the same hand??

      No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (8 handed)

      SB ($27.45)
      BB ($4.40)
      UTG ($21.90)
      UTG+1 ($22.70)
      Hero ($5)
      MP2 ($52.65)
      CO ($12.40)
      Button ($19.20)

      Preflop: Hero is MP1 with A:heart: , K:club: .
      [color:#666666]2 folds[/color], [color:#CC3333]Hero raises to $1[/color], MP2 calls $1, [color:#CC3333]CO raises to $4.25[/color], [color:#666666]3 folds[/color], [color:#CC3333]Hero raises to $5[/color], MP2 calls $4, CO calls $0.75.

      Flop: ($15.35) 7:spade: , 3:spade: , 5:heart: [color:#0000FF](3 players)[/color]
      [color:#CC3333]MP2 bets $1.25[/color], [color:#CC3333]CO raises to $7.4[/color], MP2 calls $6.15.

      Turn: ($30.15) 5:spade: [color:#0000FF](3 players)[/color]

      River: ($30.15) 7:heart: [color:#0000FF](3 players)[/color]

      Final Pot: $30.15

      Results in white below: [color:#FFFFFF]
      Hero has Ah Kc (two pair, sevens and fives).
      MP2 has Kh Ac (two pair, sevens and fives).
      CO has Ad As (two pair, aces and sevens).
      Outcome: CO wins $30.15. [/color]
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