Downswings and bad BRM

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    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Until you master RM it doesnt reaally matter how good or bad you play. Without BRM you will go bust no matter how good you may or may not be.
    • pokerhelten
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      Hehe, I know... I played with 15 bi's tho(40BB bi's).
      However, I managed to cash $47 in the Matrix SNG for the token I won, plus I'll have about $50 rakeback on friday if my calculations are correct :)
    • elhh82
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      BRM is the nuts!

      no BRM = busto

      doesn't matter how good you run or how bad you run. you will bust without solid BRM
    • nvelev
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      Obviously you didn't read any strategy articles. There is nothing like middle stack strategy.

      Also coolers as QQ vs KK are standard for poker. Good BRM makes the difference in longterm.

      There is nothing strange in loosing with AA vs 2 opponents.

      Protect your made hands. Flopped straight is very strong hand, but there is a flush draw obn the flop. Next time you will lose to flush.

      All in all - that's just variance. It's pretty normal to go bust without BRM. This is exactly what is going to happen again if you continue the same way.

      And don't always blame variance and opponents. Take responsability and improve your game.

      I hope that you will take your time and consider those things. Good luck.
    • Trbst
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      @ nvelev,

      I agree the BRM must be followed - it gives you a bust-proof cusion against both variance and bad play.

      I've got a question though - exactly how much is there to improve on SSS ?

      The only thing I can think of for beginners such as me per se is post flop play, and maybe steals.

      There's pretty much only two things you can do here - if you missed you either try to c-bet and/or fold, or if you have a made hand you try to suck the villain dry.

      So an advice here would be appreciated.

      Also, on SSS when you think is the best way to leave the table ? Leaving with 25bb really seems like a never ending accumulation of 5 BBs each. Isn't it better to like wait until you get to 50BBs+ ? You play strong hands from position all the time either way so do you think it's appropriate to play with higher stack and try to get some more out of your opponents ?

    • p0kerQT
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      Hi pokerhelten,

      The reason BRM exists, is so that you can handle losses without putting your bankroll at risk. Sure those are some bad beats, but nothing we don't see every day. With poker, downswings are inevitable no matter how well you play.

      Sure you could get off to a lucky start, quadruple your bankroll, make a hundred in a day... But without sticking to BRM sooner or later you will go bust.

      Being a good poker player isn't about making as much money as fast as you can. Its about playing well, which makes money in the long run. $50 might not seem like a lot of money, but if you use it wisely it has the potential to turn into serious money.

      I hope you take that into consideration, and wish you good luck.