Dont understand this hand.

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      Starting game 5586271626.

      lafouine833 is at seat 0 with $5.54.
      rmbiz is at seat 1 with $1.98.
      tazso72 is at seat 5 with $2.87.
      theage is at seat 8 with $14.71.

      The dealer is seat 5.

      theage posts a blind of $.05.
      lafouine833 posts a blind of $.10.

      (rmbiz is dealt Jh Qc 8h Kd.)

      rmbiz calls for $.10.
      tazso72 raises $.10.
      theage folds.
      lafouine833 calls for $.10.
      rmbiz calls for $.10.

      The flop comes
      Ad 6d 10d.

      lafouine833 checks.
      rmbiz checks.
      tazso72 bets $.10.
      lafouine833 folds.
      rmbiz calls for $.10.

      The turn comes 9s.

      rmbiz bets $.20.
      tazso72 calls for $.20.

      The river comes 2d.

      rmbiz bets $.20.
      tazso72 calls for $.20.


      rmbiz shows: Jh Qc 8h Kd
      Ad Kd Qc 10d 9s
      Ace high

      tazso72 shows: Ks Ac Jd 2c
      Ad Ac 2d 2c 10d
      Two Pair, Aces and Twos

      tazso72 wins pot ($1.57).

      I thought i had flush at the river?
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