BWIN and strategypoints

    • tolle10
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      I can't figure out how the strategypoints from BWIN are calculated. It doesn't give any sense to me.
      At the BWIN-review it says that you collect 0.8 strategypoints pr. player point earned at BWIN. But when I look at BWIN's page I only see Market points and Status points.
      I asked the support about it and they said that Status points should be the same as strategypoints
      When asking them this question underneath they said to me to ask in the forum and so I do.
      You receive 100 statuspoint pr. dollar raked. That means that you will get 80 strategypoints pr. dollar raked and that sounds weird to me.
      If you rake for $1 at for example Bet365 you receive 4 strategypoints.
      It doesn't give any sense that you get 20 times as many strategypoints at BWIN than at Bet365 when you are raking the same amount?

      Can someone help me and clarify it for me?

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