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    • jefeche
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      Hi Again all i am axiously awaiting to participate in this bankroll endeavor.

      However i justhave a question. I feel bad for asking again, and was directly told asking once is sufficient for an answer by one of the admins, but i think there is a problem now.

      SO please forgive me Admins, and please dont get angry, but i just received a message from APrty Poker telling me its time to claim my bonus of 100 but i cant, i dont have the 50 yet. They go on about dont delay something something.

      I was told today i would receive it, so i dont want to loss out on the 100 if i can help it.

      Im risking sending this you even though i was told to basically limit my questions asks about one topic a day or so , and i dont want any moderators or admins to get angry again as before.

      Thanks for your time and please forgive me for asking, i feel ad enough as it is about bothering Pure the other day.
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