Rush Poker?

    • PushMeUp
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      After finally getting my bank roll back up to the $60 mark, which I know isn't a lot considering i've deposited a fair amount more, I decided to play some Rush Poker to try and complete my bonus award, little did I know it's full of the biggest suckouts ever! I decided to play SSS and see how it turned out.

      Put it this way, I did everything right but urgh, god it sucks to be unlucky.

      AA lost to 67: 568K7
      AA lost to QT: KA4QJ
      KK lost to 97: K85J7
      AK lost to T7: TA748

      Pretty bad too be honest, lost me $8. Not nice, haha. Anybody else have any disgusting bad beats whilst playing Rush Poker?
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    • VirtuaGod
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      LOL. I was mostly on the other side!! I deposited to my FT account to try rush a bit on the day it came out!! I was 2 BI above EV. Cashed out before i ran out of luck :-) (not that 2BI is a lot but... $20 for trying out rush poker was a i nice "gift" LOL)
    • Abe1919
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      raise i call,flop comes A,2,5 bet i call turn 10 she checks i bet she calls (all in) river Q worst bad beat i ever had and i don't think it hets much worse.

      Hero A-Q
      Villain Q-Q

      I stopped playing the low stakes and upped to 0.50/1 or 1/2