full tilt vs pokerstars

    • fletzu
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      hy people, sorry for posting this here, but i couldn't find anywhere else to post :) )
      i only made this post to let people know that i am giving money on XX [Edited by EagleStar88] poker for money on XXX, if anyone is interested, please contact me by XXX.
      Thank you !!
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi fletzu,

      Asking for or discussing private money transfers is against the forum rules.

      Rule 3: No advertising

      • No requests or offers for private money transfers
      • No advertising of affiliate offers/poker sites, who finance themselves through affiliate marketing
      • No soliciting from poker rooms that we do not collaborate with
      • Only our coaches and video producers are permitted to offer private coaching (private poker lessons)
      These rules are there for the protection of all members (including yourself) from financial and/or personal data loss.

      We would suggest using a recognised money transfer organisation such as neteller or moneybookers etc, for your transfer needs where protection is offered for a small fee.

      Your co-operation is appreciated.

      Best regards,