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    • wolf139
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      I need 2500 points on titan to clear my $50.00 I think I have 3 months to do this? if at the end of that time I have not cleared my points BUT have more dollers that I have made using this program in my account Do I keep the balance or do I lose it along with the $50.00
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    • MrMardyBum
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      Titan Poker:
      The 50$ bonus:
      To clear the 50$ you'll have to collect 2500 TitanPoints.

      The 100$ bonus:

      After you have received the $50 starting capital you can earn the $100 bonus (so you can clear both bonuses parallel). You will receive $10 of the bonus for every $35 in rake that you produce.

      You have 3 months time, from the moment that you receive the starting capital, to clear the entire $100 bonus. If you haven't cleared the entire bonus by the end of 3 months, whatever remains of it will expire.

      That means you need to accumulate 2500TP and 350$ rake to clear the entire 50$+ 100$ Bonus.

      This is a copy and paste of the terms of your bonus the original text can be found here.... And even more information can be found here

      Jeez if people weren't so lazy.... ;)