50 refused for no reson

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      i have waited 5 days after sending in my id 2 forms of address and my passport but today am told no wtf are you running here give to some but not others? my 2 brothers both got theres but not me, ur sites a joke not happy at all
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      Maybe if you rephrase this you will actually get an anwser, kiddo

      Ticket --> support
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      Hello MarkMoore33,

      Sorry to hear that your first experience of PokerStrategy has not been as enjoyable as we would normally expect it would be.

      PokerStrategy do reserve the right to refuse providing the $50 starting capital, but would only do so with good reason, e.g. if you fail the quiz, fail to pass the ID check, have applied on multiple occasions or for legal reasons (U.S. resident) etc. The vast majority of applications are successful.

      Moderators do not have access to your details for your own safety/security and so I cannot tell why exactly you were refused and the customer support team may choose to not provide a detailed reason if it meant giving away some of the security measures that it is required to undertake. I would however suggest contacting them again to explain your concerns and to see if they are happy to provide you with more details on their decision.

      I hope this reassures you a little, we really are a very friendly community here and would really welcome you with open arms if you chose to stay and are able to sort out the starting capital or deposited a little money yourself.

      Kind Regards,
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      or maybe it has somethin to do with ur 2 brothers and same ip's...

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