Drawing back money made on freerolls

    • fuzzyfish
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      Hi all,

      ok, here's the situation:

      I got the 50$, I lost it all (sry), then I made some bucks playing freerolls.

      Question - will the money won on freerolls be taken back by pokerstrategy after the time for clearing the 50$ bonus ends?

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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello fuzzyfish,

      Any money that you have made from your freerolls is yours to keep and PokerStrategy will not be taking your money back.

      Also, although you have lost your bankroll, you may still have to clear any conditions set by your poker platform before you will be allowed to cash out.

      As for losing your bankroll, i would suggest that once you have, hopefully, rebuilt your bankroll either by freerolls or redopisting i would advise you to :

      1. Play according to the bankroll management. This is the most important point. I saw a lot of players going broke, because they didn't stick to it. ( for NL it's this one: BRM)
      2. Read all available articles.
      3. Stay active in the forum, which means: ask questions whenever you have some.
      4. Post in our hand analysis boards (Fixed-Limit / No-Limit / SNG)!
      5. Watch videos and visit coachings.

      If you really do these things, you will be a winning player who climbs up the limits.

      Best regards,
    • fuzzyfish
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      Thanks for a quick reply. Indeed, I made numerous mistakes and did'nt always stick to the strategy. I'll do some research and try to get it going again. I made myself a promise not to deposit my own money to any poker room, ever. If one really can play good poker, it's possible to start a bankroll from scratch, i.e playing freerolls. Frequent depositing and not improving one's skills will eventually lead to becoming a gambler. That's my opinion.